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GriffinRUN Game Servers
GriffinRUN has established itself as a top of the line game server provider since first serving the community in early 1995. The company has associated itself with taking pride in putting their customers first and...
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2010 Awards

December 2010

highest qualitybrohoster

November 2010

highest qualityGlobalFrag

October 2010

best customer serviceMainVoice

September 2010

best customer serviceGo Network Servers

August 2010

site of the monthultimate game servers

July 2010

best customer servicebrohoster

June 2010

best customer serviceserverffs

May 2010

best customer serviceAllOutServers

April 2010

site of the monthselective series

March 2010

best customer serviceMajorLeagueServers

February 2010

site of the monthmidnight gaming

January 2010

highest qualitymaxfrag

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