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Member Since:July 22, 2009       flag

End of Reality prides itself on providing the best service, most innovative ideas with the most knowledgeable staff in today’s industry. With the highest quality performance servers in the industry we have gained the trust of top teams, organizations, and players. We run our highly optimized servers on premium networks to ensure the lowest possible pings, best trace routes and accurate hit registration. What are you waiting for? Stop playing and start gaming. End of Reality.

Server Locations:
Los Angeles, CA | Dallas, TX | Chicago, IL | Atlanta, GA | Seattle, WA | San Jose, CA | New York, NY

Tier 1 Bandwidth Providers:
Level(3), Internap, Mzima, NLayer, Comcast, Global Crossing, Qwest, Time Warner, Equinix Peering, NTT America, Telefonica Peering, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Savvis, XEEX, TeliaSonera

CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5620 @ 2.40ghz Hyper-Threaded – 16 Cores
RAM: 24gb Low Latency DDR3 Memory
Hard Drive: 300gb 15,000rpm SAS
Network: 100mbit Dedicated Switchport

Email Address: [email protected]

Website URL: http://www.eoreality.net

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March 5th, 2013    

I found their support to be extremely slow. Ordered a server took 2+ days to receive it. Responses in the trouble tickets took over 10 hrs each time. When I 1st ordered it and sent in a trouble ticket saying I still haven’t received my server and would like a refund. They don’t give refunds. So received a message from the System Admin stating

“we are working on the problem now, Normally the servers are created automatically, however there was an error which stopped the install process.” Ok i understand that happens to everyone. They then closed my ticket.

Had to open another one the next day as they still didn’t have my server setup. Received a response 12hrs later with a different issue now.

“You did indeed sign up at a time where we are migrating all of our services to brand new high performance ssd based machines, I am getting your server online right now. :)

By the time the 2+ days have passed and finally got my server I’ve signed up with with EmberCore server running within an hr of ordering and have responses in under 10 min for the same guy and everything has been amazing!

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July 17th, 2010    

EoReality is by far the best servers I have ever used. Compared to HD and NFO EoReality top the charts on my list. Cheaper with way more quality than other known server host providers out there. If you got money and looking for a server, buy a quality server from EOReality today!

Team `nL

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January 19th, 2010    

Long time server buyer. Been with all the rest with CSS. You get the server, it runs great for a week or two. After that your SOL and usally ran around in circles with the support staff. I’ve owned the server i have now with end of reality for the past few weeks, ” about 7 or 9″ And if anything the performance has gotten better ! Had a zblock error that would crash the server which was fixed within about 20 min of submitting a suppor ticked. Just amazing service for an amazing price. If you look around you can find coupons on google example: renown – 15% off all servers applied to. The server is ran for the team I manage and they have yet to spot one flaw. Connect


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muri ashiku

July 29th, 2009    

ok seroiusly end of reality servers are the fu**king sh** I live in Chicago and play on a socal team and on end of reality servers i ping a solid 40-60 once again im a central player and on their cali servers i get that amazing. great server great service hell yea.

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July 23rd, 2009    

End of Reality is a hidden gem! I switched to them from Hi-Def because they were cheaper. I was surprised to see that the quality was actually BETTER than our old Hi-Def! Great support and perfect reg in our dallas server! Quality has not gone down over the 2 months I have been with them! I recommend them to anyone looking for the BEST in the biz.


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