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Edge Game Servers – Dispute Review "ixb"


9:39 am
February 6, 2012



posts 13



"Couldn’t be more unhappy with their service one week without a ticket answered, I had a problem with the server that kept on restarting after 10 minutes into the game I submitted a ticket and they hadn’t answered it for almost a week!! Then I submitted a billing dispute to cancel my server 3 days to answer like I don’t know what their doing but, this is not a way to run a business."

This review is untrue for a few different reasons.

1. We pride ourselves in customer support and have many people dedicated to just answering tickets so we have a response time from 5 mins – 3 hrs. The longest it has ever taken us was 5 hrs. I also receive the support tickets on my phone so usually work things right then and there.

2. We have never had a client submit a support ticket for a server restarting after 10 minutes into the game. I can provide proof of the tickets if needed, but also would like the client to provide either the copy of the ticket we send in an email or the ticket number as proof.

3. We have only had one Paypal dispute since we have opened and we worked it out with the client and they are now extremely happy with their services and still have them to this day.

If there is anymore information needed I can gladly provide it and also would like the reviewer to respond either in a private message to me or post in here their name so I can look up any tickets submitted also as proof.



10:15 am
February 8, 2012


New Member

posts 2


Post edited 10:18 am – February 8, 2012 by ixb

Get real you people are horrible, I was with you through Sept 3rd to the 15th of 2011. In that time I had nothing but problems with you kids, and don't say "We were just starting to become a GSP so we didn't know that the box was overloaded" Should be you're answer. You kids need to stop with this GSP spree, because not only do you hurt gamers who are looking for a real provider but you actually drive them to xbox, and ps3. I have rented from past providers such as nfo, xfactor mind you when the prvious owner was gone, and they were great those are real providers 24/7 support with the hardware to back it up. You are a complete joke.

3. We have only had one Paypal dispute since we have opened and we worked it out with the client and they are now extremely happy with their services and still have them to this day.

Nice lie, why don't you learn to run a real company. I bet you, or your friend posted that review after mine.

5:21 pm
February 8, 2012



posts 13


Post edited 5:22 pm – February 8, 2012 by edgegameservers

I like how you have no proof that you were a real customer. Another way I can tell you lied saying you were a customer from Sept 3rd to the 15th of 2011. We were founded in July but didn't actually get fully up and running until October and get out first client in November. I like how you just go around making multiple reviews on new GSPs probably to make your own look better. Once again I can prove all I have stated but you cannot even attach a simple e-mail from us showing that you were a previous customer. Grow up and get a real life.

P.S. That last review was from a real paying customer who actually buys services and not just says he does.

12:09 pm
February 9, 2012


New Member

posts 2


You child I was one of your customers in your Dallas location, exactly my point you were starting off, and possibly did not get to answering tickets so what if you cannot accept a review or take criticism you shound"t be in this business. Mind you I"ve been around since 2002 so don"t you question my opinions kid, all you kids just want to start a "GSP" before it wasn"t even called that, you would know if you weren"t such a pathetic kid wanting to make some extra money and possibly drive a 80s honda. That was last year, I delete old trash "you" from my email so it doesn"t get piled up. Now I suggest you quit the business since you have no experience and I can see you"re just a kid. I read your tos somewhere before did you just edit it with your own name lol? I also see you call yourself the CEO but your registered business cannot be found.

2:02 pm
February 9, 2012



posts 13


Post edited 2:03 pm – February 9, 2012 by edgegameservers

Once again you can"t prove anything you say. We are a registered business in the state of Idaho so learn to look up information. Also we didn"t get our Dallas server until October so I don"t know how you were on our Dallas location in September. Stop trying to slander other companies to make your own look better. I"m done arguing with you because you cannot prove a thing you say and you just make up things as you go.

3:45 pm
April 26, 2012



posts 4


I am seeing a pattern here, People are trying to degrade and exploit all these game server companies, and what does it accomplish? I mean do they understand how much effort and time and dedication it takes to do something like this? See the problem with society these days is this, no one appreciates the value of good hard honest working business men, so they slander and extort and attempt to make them out to be less then what they really are. Why can't we just Mind out own business, pay our bills and Be happy game providers? why should we have to worry about people talking down on us, when we know that we provide service above the standard expected level, this goes out to the owner of edge game servers, I am the server tech from UNIT|servers another company that was brutally exploited, I am sorry for the pain and suffering this person has caused you, I feel your pain, and I hope you and your customers can work through the hard times and see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Just be strong and do what you know is right and justice will be served to those who try and bring us down. Have a wonderful day and good luck.

7:16 pm
April 26, 2012




posts 17


What company does this ixb person represent?I hope it's not the one i think it is.

11:21 am
April 27, 2012




posts 113


This member should be banned from the forums for being a disgrace to the whole gaming community.

Edge Game Servers is new, and a very good game server hosting company. I can insure that the owner is working VERY hard to come up with a good business. How I know this? Because I know the owner, and I speak with him very often. I had the chance to test a couple of game servers when my professional gaming community was sponsored by Edge, and I enjoyed my stay. Way to go!

This business is full of little kids, or grown up immature boys without any real knowledge of the hosting business, who think they can do or say whatever they want. What a disgrace.

Artur Minacov

2:57 pm
April 27, 2012



Beta Member
Beta Member

posts 66


To be honest this is nothing but a flame post from the beginning. I have been contemplating reporting it to the admins to have it closed. This all should have been handled between the customer and the company and not on a public forum.

Mark LaViolette
[email protected]
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