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1:37 am
December 20, 2017


Seattle, WA


posts 63


DH and safe wow gold I have known for quite some time that his unit is extremely messed up. The NCOs suffer from god complexes and the rest of the lower enlisted don't do their jobs which make it harder for him and the rest of soldiers out there that actually do.
DH has recieved three counseling statements on his tardiness which we both agree that as much as they suck, it's fair. However, two months ago, he recieved a counseling statement on showing PDA at a festival that he was voluntold for. I went out every day to the festival (since it was on the weekend) and brought him something to drink. Here's the PDA situation:
He recieves the counseling statement that week and is told to write a 1,000 word essay on why he's not allowed to show PDA in uniform. So, he goes straight to finding the regulation on it.
There is none. It's recommended to be tactful in uniform but PDA is not disallowed.
Ok, nice to know. He didn't have to write the paper. Counseling statement was torn up.
However, he just called me five minutes ago to let me know that they're giving him another one for not giving up his seat to an officer on the bus to the range.
His SGT is typing up his counseling statement as he's talking to JAG about this. WTF?!
Update: He went and apologized to the officer once he found out about this. did give up his seat to her Monday he thought she was joking around with him. But he did give a good apology ("I'm so sorry. I didn't realize that you were angry about it.") and he did it on his own without anyone pushing him to.
He's not going to end up with an Article 15 but I'm thanking our lucky stars that he was just promoted before this whole fuckcluster went down. I happened to be on base since I'm a critical care paramedic and part of the FEMA medical team. (And no I'm not bashing any one branch, it was just the group that was there I hope) I was amazed that the difference in mentality and leadership was SO different.
I think what happened with the female officer is a PRIME example of fraternization (not on your hubby's part) gone wrong. I see lots of officers and senior guys joking with the junior guys/girls and then when they decide it's not convenient for them anymore they pull rank.
Hopefully your hubby comes out of it with nothing more than a counseling that won't follow him to his next command, but it's a shame it even got this far.
It's still there. haha. I'm almost done with week 3. I saw the doc this am and I'm having contractions every 10 min.
In general counselings remain with the command, and when your hubby leaves it they get destroyed. Are they picking on him with stuff or is it just poor leadership and they're covering by placing focus on others or is it a lil of his fault and them making big deals out of little things?
PDA is mentioned in DA PAM 600 35.
"Hand holding between soldiers in uniform while in public is inappropriate." (Para 2 5 b)"At the same time, officer/enlisted family members are expected to maintain the traditional respect and decorum attending the official military relationship between them while either is on duty or in public." (Para 2 8 b)"[Example Soldiers] should be counseled that they are expected to maintain the traditional respect and decorum attending the official military relationship between them while either is on duty or in public." (Para 2 10 d)
AND. I got this from an army JAG friend.
2 7. Public Display of Affection: You will not indulge in public displays of affection with anyone when in uniform, either on or off post.
Aleksander Abraham arrived 6 weeks early on 3/25!! My NICU honor grad!
Hope you make it for a couple more weeks, chica! If you get bored, I have a great World of Warcraft account you can use since I can't get my computer to upload the software. Probably a good thing with the kid coming soon.
It's odd that they tried to pin him on it since we consistently see here on base, husbands and wives giving eachother quick pecks. It might just depend on the command they're with but I've noticed that some NCOs in his detachment do the same. I thought it was really unfair that they don't hold themselves to the same standard. We don't hug in public and we definately don't hold hands.
Luckily, they weren't written in as a page 11 entry. He got them within year and a half and they were pretty spanned out in timing. All we do now is make sure that he arrives to where he's supposed to be an hour earlier which is a PITA. But, better then hitting traffic in Japan and being told by his NCO that it was completely avoidable if he had just left earlier.
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