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How to save 5% discount to buy wow gold safe on safewow


12:46 am
November 13, 2017


Seattle, WA


posts 60


One of cheap fast wow gold James Cameron's favourite phrases is: 'I eat pressure for breakfast.' He likes to shout it at the worried film executives who see the budgets for his films spiralling out of all control and are pleading with him to stop the spending.
He barks it at the exhausted, tearful actors who beg for a break and the put upon designers who have made an alien slightly the wrong shade of blue.
As the creator of some of the 20th century's most popular films, Cameron's talent is not in doubt. But with his latest movie Avatar being branded the most expensive film ever made at $300million (200million) breaking the record he first set with Aliens ($100 million) and then with Titanic ($200million) the pressure is most certainly on.
Because as untrammelled ego fuelled ventures go, they do not get much bigger than Avatar.
Overwhelmingly confident in his own vision, this week Cameron said he could not envisage Avatar failing: 'It's hard for me to imagine that it's not going to work for people.'
But executives at Fox, the company which has put up the majority of the money, are 'very scared, nay terrified, that it is all going to go wrong', one movie insider told me.
The question is, has Hollywood's most monstrous genius finally gone mad?
After all, his latest project hinges on his rather eccentric belief that he can make cinemagoers fall in love with blue people.
They, the blue people, are the Na'vi, the inhabitants of the idyllic world of Pandora, which evil humans are trying to colonise in Avatar's tale of good versus evil with a love story at its core.
Cameron, 55, first envisaged the concept for the film 14 years ago but it has its roots even further back than that; when he saw Star Wars and realised George Lucas was living his dream career. He has been working on his science fiction epic solidly for four years. And his attention to (some would say obsession with) detail has known no bounds. Nearly two of those years were spent just creating the technology to make the film possible.
Along the way, he helped reinvent the way 3D is filmed and made computer generated scenes perfectly mirror human emotions by creating a camera which can detect movements made by the actor's muscles under their skin.
Some of the characters in Avatar come from drawings the science fiction geek first drew as a child (he is a talented artist). Its world, the extraterrestrial moon Pandora, is peopled entirely from his imagination and its heroes, the Na'vi, are ten feet tall blue aliens he loves like his own family. 'I always do make up touch ups myself, especially for blood, wounds, and dirt,' he says. 'It saves so much time.'
Cameron, then, is the ultimate control freak. He hired a linguistics expert, Professor Paul Frommer, to devise a whole language for the Na'vi based on Maori (Cameron became intrigued by the language after spending time in New Zealand).
He also hired a professor of plant physiology, Jodie Holt, to help create the plant life on Pandora based on sea vegetation.
There are 3,000 different special effects in Avatar; Cameron has studied each of them at
least 20 times. Whether a rock looked too soft, or an alien too gentle, Cameron would send it back to the drawing board. 'If I wanted it done this badly I'd hire a fing temp,' is one of his preferred insults to people who have worked tirelessly on a project for days on end.
You can't work for Cameron without devoting your whole life to the project. Fourteen hour days are mandatory. Twenty hour days are common. Cameron does not need to sleep for more than four hours a night.
On watery film sets such as The Abyss and Titanic, cast and crew would often be in chilly water for ten hours a day causing colds, flu and even kidney infections.
On the set of True Lies, his 1994 film with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, he told everyone that using the lavatory was a sackable offence and he meant it.
On the set of The Abyss, where many of the crew found their hair bleached albino white because they were in chlorinated water for so many hours, actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio reportedly ran from the set crying 'We are not animals', when he suggested the cast relieve themselves in their wetsuits to save time.
His temper is legendary and he is known as the scariest man in Hollywood. Even his friends recognise his dark side an alter ego they have nicknamed MIJ (Jim backwards).
Feeling a little blue: Actors Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana as their digital characters Jake and Neytiri in a scene from Avatar
Kate Winslet, whose role in Titanic made her a huge star, says she would never work with the director again after her 'ordeal' in which she nearly drowned, came down with flu and chipped a small bone in her elbow.
'He's a nice guy, but the problem was that his vision for the film was as clear as it was. He has a temper like you wouldn't believe. There were times I was genuinely frightened of him.'
BUT there are no apologies from Cameron; indeed, he seems to revel in his reputation. 'I think what is misunderstood about my particular film making process is that I get people to go that extra mile that they've never done before and they go into new territory,' he says.
'They go beyond what they previously thought were their limits, and then afterwards they talk about it like it was a big adventure: "Oh, man, we worked around the clock and you know, we all almost died."
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