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Save 8% off for cheapest wow gold for Thanksgiving


1:25 am
November 20, 2017


Seattle, WA


posts 30


Hi there! cheapest wow gold If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you've already made a World of Warcraft account, downloaded the game, and chosen a realm. If you haven't done this, you can keep reading just know that the things mentioned here are only accessible if you have already installed the game and chosen a realm.

After you've chosen a realm, you're able to enter the character creation screen. I would recommend you wait on this, because the character creation screen forces you to choose a faction and a race before it enables you to choose a class. Your character's class is probably the most important aspect of your game play experience.

Before you decide on a class, I would like to ask you a question: What would you like to do in a group setting within the game? WoW is highly dependent on group interaction, especially once you reach maximum level. Certain classes can only perform certain roles within a group, and so it is important for you to know what you would like to do. At level 10, characters are given the ability to choose a talent tree specific to their class that helps them fulfill their chosen role in a group.

There are three roles that need to be performed in a group within the game. When you're in a group setting, someone needs to be getting attacked by the enemies. This person is the tank. Their job is to keep the enemies' attention while other group members burn the enemies down. These group members are called damage dealers, or DPS (Damage per second). Thirdly, someone has to continually heal the tank so that the enemies' attacks do not kill the tank. This person is known as the healer.

A tank is a noble warrior who keeps his allies safe by making sure the enemies are focused on killing him, and not his squishy cloth wearing friends. Four classes within the game have the ability to tank. One of these is a Death Knight, which is not able to be made by new players, and so I will not discuss that one here. Two of the others are plate armor wearing powerhouses known as Paladins and Warriors. The third is a shape shifter known as a druid.

If you want to be a damage dealer (DPS)

Melee DPS are standing in the enemy's physical vicinity and trying to kill the enemy, typically attacking with sword, mace, dagger, or axe. Melee DPS include warriors, rogues, paladins, some shamans, and some druids. Death knights are also able to deal damage in melee range, but I will not mention those here.

Caster DPS are those who can attack from a range. They typically cast gruesome words of pain and terrible curses upon the enemy from a distance, and have certain defense mechanisms (depending on their class) if attacked up close.
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