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You’re probably wondering, “Who are these guys?” FPSBox is the gaming division of a larger hosting establishment, NFT Group,
offering super affordable prices paired with top notch support and performance.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. (Or if you’re interested in our supreme unicorn drawing skills)

When you host with FPSBox, your servers are instantly setup post payment. Even we hate waiting to play!

Date Founded: 12/02/2010
Coupon Codes: MINECRAFT
Website: http://www.fpsbox.com

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June 8th, 2013    

The only thing this provider possibly have going for them is pricing.
All reviews that say they have great 24/7 technical support are written by affiliates of the company. They have terrible 0 hour support and the last thing they do is look to help you.

My server crashed and I haven’t been able to start it up. After researching the error it appears its a host side error that I can’t do anything about. It also denies me access to the FTP so i can’t even back anything up. I have been trying everything to try to get in contact with the support team, calling them 30 times a day , several support tickets, and emails but I haven received a single answer. It’s almost as if he support team is nonexistent. The servers are nothing fantastic they lagg hard if you have the amount of people your paying for in there.

I just find it hilarious 24/7 technical support my ass.

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March 5th, 2013    

I bought FPSBox at 748mb of ram for $4.25. Now we had a good run, for 748mb of ram, and doing so much World editing and all these plugins,you would expect lag, but there was never a single bit of lag. But while being on FPSBox I NEVER ONCE got a single bit of support,had crazy amounts of hackers,console(forceop hackers.) When I contacted FPSBox for support on console, and files etc. They never replied once,I waited and waited annd waited for some help, and than oh finally.. I got some.. but the basically lied to me, said since I never replied to them in a few days, they removed the ticket. So I checked on it, all tickets I sent, never once had a reply from FPSBox. SO whats with there statement, removing my ticket because I didnt reply???? Well sorry to say but you cant exactly answer host questions to yourself when you’r not the host provider.

I than needed more help and support because my internet was Ddosd by a premium player, he than crashed the server, and than hacked it, seeign as it is not 100% impossible to start back up. Did I even think about asking FPSBox for support…. no, whats the point, they wont help, or they will just lie to you.

All in all, FPSbox has great performance, and prices. but now that I have used them, there prices and performance IS NOT WORTH IT.

They give NO support,NO HELP, they lie to you, and I can go on.

Sofor everyone wanting FPSBox YOU’VE BEEN WARNED, if u use them expect to have no support WHAT SOEVER.

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February 13th, 2013    

Worst .. hosting .. company .. ever…

It takes ages for them to reply to my tickets, and that is if they even answer.
My map has become corrupted and my server crashes every couple hours because they have ran out of HDD space, I only use like 5gb including a 3gb backup of my previous CORRUPTED MAP because they made the server crash. I’ve tried to contact them numerous times about it but apparently ‘they cannot do anything about it’. Every couple of hours me and my team have to manually delete some backups, then upload all of the config files (because they get wiped every crash) before we can restart the server after it has crashed.

My server and community are dieing from this, people are leaving because we had to set up a temporary map and because of all the downtime we now have.

I would not even recommend this host to my worst enemy, these guys are the spawn of satan and I’ll be moving away from them as soon as I can, they fail to provide ANYTHING that they advertised with.


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August 27th, 2012    

I can’t reccomend these guys enough. I thought the pricing was too good to be true but so far everything has been great!

Responses to most my tickets within a few hours and everyone has been very helpful and not just pointing me to canned responses that have nothing to do with my question about this or that.

The coupon deal isn’t a bad way to get a even better deal!

Very low latency so far and server has not hick-upped yet!

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August 1st, 2012    

Stumbled across this host by accident and checked some things up with them. Read the about us and stuff and I was like wow, But I bet there prices are really high. But to be honest there prices was shockingly low.
So I contacted the support and got answered directly!
And they have some sort of deal which makes them able to have there awesome prices. And with the permanent “MINECRAFT” coupon it went so cheap.
I upgraded from 3GB ram to 8GB ram and the costs got lower then it was before!

I really suggest this hosts to everyone who want’s a legit minecraft host!

/Marcus “Raknor” Lindvall
Minecraft community: http://www.vetracraft.com

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July 15th, 2012    

Awesome Hosting :D Amazing support, servers, and i can choose different Jars! My number 1 server from here on out. With 24/7 support, and fast hosting, my server is better than ever. Thanks for great hosting!

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