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Founded in March 2005, Hi-Definition Gaming LLC (A Michigan Company) is a privately held entertainment services provider catering to competitive adult gamers. We are THE original performance based entertainment services provider, bringing to market our Definition product lines and creating the vernacular of the current market. Often imitated and copied, there is still only one true market leader writing the definition of performance – Hi-Definition Gaming LLC.

Hi-Definition Gaming LLC is a strive towards perfection in a global market known for mediocrity. Focusing on the North American professional gaming market, Hi-Definition Gaming has become a sanctuary for gamers who are unwilling to sacrifice quality and stability to companies with “value” and “economy” in mind. Utilizing quality networks nationwide and Intel Harpertown/Tigertown/Dunnington processor technology, Hi-Definition Gaming is on the highest arc of power and performance in the industry.

Simply stated, Hi-Definition Gaming is THE host for honest and reliable high performance gaming services.

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Jason "Saint" Weber

May 25th, 2010    

-Customer Service- Takes a little time to respond but very professional support
-Server Quality- When it was good it was very good, however it got really choppy and peoples fps was lower than normal. We complained about the choppiness and basically they offered to move us to a different cpu because the one we were on was running like 50%.. Could be true or lies idk
-Tools- Very good gamepanel. They have a button you click to erase server logs. Impressive
-Nice website. Can be a little confusing at times

Overall I saw good and honest service. The server quality and issues were a little shady but they were willing to fix the issue. My clan currently uses Major league and NFO servers. Throughout the last few years those have impressed us for CZ and CS

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Hunter Desmond

May 9th, 2010    

Server quality is fantastic, but I just don’t see any reason to charge so much.

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Hanson Walsh

June 6th, 2009    

I rented from HD about 1 1/2 years ago, and had a horrible experience with the servers. They constantly dropped in FPS and my whole team had a high ping to their Chicago location. This was two years ago, but since then I’ve played on a few HDs recently and they’ve been decent. The new website is very different from the old one, and it’s a little hard to navigate. I’ve always liked their billing panel, and gamepanel.


May 19th, 2009    

I use to rent a Hi-Def server for my CS:Source team. It had amazing performance, I have never had a more smooth server on CS:S then from Hi-Def. Hands down I believe Hi-Def has the best performance than any other game server provider that I have been hosted with.

Jason G.

May 18th, 2009    

Great servers and good support. I wish their prices weren’t so high otherwise we would still be a customer of them. I like their website a lot, but it’s sort of hard to navigate. Since they make so much money, they should really invest in a better quality website. But keep up the great server quality guys!

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