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Once in a great while, man is blessed with the foresight to create something special. An art form is envisioned, created, and mastered. Summit Servers, in essence, is that final step. The Summit team brings together the essential aspects that make great things happen; expertise, a natural desire to excel and uncommon attention to detail. Standing on the shoulders of it’s competitors, Summit stands alone at the peak of performance game server hosting.

First conceptualized nearly two years ago, Summit is the brain child of two ex-Cisco engineers. With over 18 years of combined networking experience, they began laying the ground work for an entity that would one day revolutionize the server hosting arena. Fast forward two years, thousands of hours of work, hundreds of o/s builds and nearly 100,000 lines of code – Summit Performance Servers enters the market place. Utilizing the fastest hardware available, performance tuned operating systems and latency optimized networks, nothing has been left to question. Summit Servers is your answer. Buckle up, order a Summit powered game server today, and let the ride begin.

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