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Member Since:January 19, 2010       flag

Company Name: Xfrag-Servers UK

Company Email: [email protected]

Company URL: http://xfrag-servers.com/

Xfrag-Servers is a registered UK based service provider formed in early August 2009. We have been up and running for several years now and are doing very well in the providing high quality and reliable servers for all our clients.

We offer friendly support and will help as much as we can to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience using our services.

Our Services are based in the Centro data centre in London offering reliability and performance offering a secure location with multiple connections to make sure our server is always there when you need them.

All our services and servers are in a secure locked rack along with a locked cage so no one apart from Centro Techs and Xfrag-Servers Techs can access them.

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Kim Larsen

June 15th, 2010    

the service is great with these guys, help is always at hand when neded

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Joeri Harleman

May 20th, 2010    

This company is very unprofessional. I recently opened a support ticket, and it was answered with very bad grammar and English. All of a sudden their control panel stopped working, and I contacted their support (offline for most of the time). They said they where going to look into it. After 2 days it was back online. Followingly, after 5 days, their control panel goes offline again. And it has been offline for 2 weeks. I opened a support ticket asking for my cash back, and I still do not have any response.

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