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MPServ is a multiplayer server hosting company, dedicated to delivering you high performance servers with minimal downtime. Our team of highly experienced technicians work around the clock to ensure a smooth game play experience for all of customers. Because our staff members are spread over such a large geographical area, we are able to provide more flexible hours for customer support, and thus service you better! As a group, we have years of knowledge and experience in online gaming, websites, server hosting, and especially Minecraft.

We are quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in Minecraft server hosting, due to our daily commitment to bring you the uptime and service, as well as low prices that you deserve. Since words are worthless without something to back them up… We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show why you should choose MPServ over other Minecraft hosts.

We used to own a popular Minecraft host which used to be one of the first Minecraft hosts on the market. We brought reliability and stability to those clients so we will do the same here. Our team are professional developers / gamers as well, so we know what you want to be able to run a small / large Minecraft server.


Since there is no substitiute for quality, our premium built servers are built on a state of the art infastructure, with a 24/7 monitoring station, and trained technicians who will respond to network and hardware issues within minutes. Our dedicated server-nodes use industrial strength, Enterprise Sata Harddrives, which were specifically designed for 24/7/365 data access, as opposed to a typical hard drive which is only designed to run about 40 hours per week which most other hosting providers use.

This increases data flow as well as speed, and makes your overall gaming experience better! They use premium bandwidth from multiple t1 providers, to help provide the bandwidth and stability that you need for all your online gaming.


Here at MPServ, there are no tricks to our prices: What you see is what you pay. We do our best to provide the highest quality services, while retaining highly compeditive and affordable prices on todays ever evolving market. Our highly competent staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and we will provide you the fastest support time response possible.

Control Panel

We have developed a state of the art control panel which allows you to easily manage and control your server with ease. Install plugins, create backups and update files with one click. Create multi users and restrict them on what they have access to via the control panel.

Coupon Codes: 10%OFFLIFE – 10% off reccuring!
Website: http://mpserv.net

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August 15th, 2014    

This host was just… absolutely phenomenal.

The setup was instant, the panel was simply amazing, and the support.. The best I’ve found out of my 6 different Host Providers.

I would highly recommend this to any of my friends if they wanted to start a server.

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October 15th, 2013    

This is one of the best hosts that i’ve come across. i’ve checked out a few other hosts, demo accounts for the server panels, pricing, demo servers, etc. And i’ve not found one quite like MPServ.

The pricing is a little on the higher side, but it is absolutely worth it. The support is top notch, any ticket i have put in, even for the smallest stupidest question, has been answered within 10 minutes. The customer chat, where server owners can try and help each other out with questions, is almost always watched by, what they call “Bro”s (and one “Sis”!) who are customers have been amazingly helpful in chat and really enjoy helping out and have been recognized by the actual staff (The “MP”s) as great helpers. And then there’s Live Help, which is almost always staffed (Sometimes you’ll get a lull where whomever is on shift will go get some food or whatever, or forget to sign in, lol!) but is an amazing helpful and fast resource. The 4 current staff members are all really helpful and polite and nice and hilarious.

The server control panel is extremely well made. It looks nice and functions well, and is actually coded in-house, which i really like. The one click plugin/modpack install works pretty well, sometimes something gets a little broken, but it’s quickly fixed. The schedule tab is a little difficult to use, but once you get a hand on it, it works like a charm. The entire CP lays out all of the relevant information that you need, whether it be FTP info or server info or MYSQL info. And i’ve heard rumors that there will be an update soon that will make things look and feel even better.

Uptime has been phenomenal, no downtime has ever been anything other than my own incompetence.

So yea, i suggest this service to everyone i know and will continue to stick with them for many years to come. :)

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June 1st, 2013    

I tried MPServ after a nasty experience with CreeperHost. MPServ have a nice website and their own custom coded control panel “Wrench”. Instructions were clear and they have two support guys online all the time who jump on tickets almost immediately.

Getting up and running, including my own domain name took under 45 mins and left me with a good feeling about this host.

I’ve used the server, uploaded my own world and installed a Bukkit plugin and everything works smooth and fast.

Very happy with MPServ :-)

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September 16th, 2012    

I have no idea why the guy above rated them badly, must just be his one off experience.
Myself I love them, been with 4 other hosts and never found one as helpful and understanding as MPServ.
Just an example of how human a company they are…
I recently suffered a internal injury which in turn delayed collection of some cheques from work meaning I couldn’t afford to pay my bill on time this was a disaster in my eyes and I desperately searched for a way to cover the bill in time but to no success so I messaged them giving the details of my situation and asked for some help with it, without a second thought their support dept reviewed my case and allowed me an extra week to fund my late bill due to my circumstances… WOW I never would expect any company to have done that in reality I was expecting them to tell me to get on my bike as, well they are well within their rights to do so but no they actually helped what a host, so understanding and helpful I honestly couldn’t ask for better service not to mention the untold support tickets they have assisted with that arent really their problem either but without fail each time they go out of their way to assist and because of that I’m now taking the time to review them here to share my thanks and praise for their company.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great mc or tekkit host at a great price.

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January 4th, 2012    

Man, these guys blow hard. Not even one month on and they have a amateur node failure

Apparently they were replacing an SSD (O/S, I presume) but managed to trahs the server storage. They obviously have platinum co-lo support, because it took em over a day to get someone to physically fix the machine.

Their admin panel sucks: nowhere near the functionality of MyMCAdmin and glitchy (shows plugins loaded when they’re not). No backup (other than to your own machine, no support for plugins (£17 chargeable, which is a rip off when you finally figure out that’s the real easy bit). Nobody seems to know how to patch stuff either. Keep dropping connection (intermittent network fault their end? Everything else going to the Internet from my house is just fine).

I had gone to them because of “good reviews”: whether these are bogus I don’t know, but thought I’d address the balance.

Gone to Fragnet…

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