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Our first main goal was to set out and provide the cheapest service to as many clients as possible. We shortly realised that it was going to be tough to put up any sort of competition against other big branded companies already established.

The goal was to hold prices at such a minimum cost below everyone else while providing extensive support and the best hardware! How did we know what the best support was? We’ve used other hosts to have servers just like you!

We now not only offer Minecraft Server Hosting with instant Tekkit Installation of different version, bukkit, vanilla and Spigot. But we now also are giving clients the opportunity to get Web hosting with us too.

We are on solid hardware for all our Nodes and will never overload a box!

We offer amazing and lightning fast support with 24/7 ticket support on any issue and will never stump us at any issue you throw at us.

Date Founded: 2012-07-10
Coupon Codes: GSP10OFF
Website: http://www.picklehosting.com

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March 7th, 2017    

I currently have 2 servers (Minecraft & 7 Days To Die) with this company. To be honest the prices are fare, but the customer support leaves a lot to be desired as I am currently having issue with my 7 Days to Die or is it there web interface.

Yesterday after uploading the config file I needed to shutdown the server and restart it and the server would not shut down. So I submitted a support ticket for the issue. 20 hours later they got back to stating there was no issue and shut down the server for me. So today after re-uploading the config file via FTP and tried to restart it for the changes to take effect and the server would not restart. So I submitted another support ticket, and this was 3 hours after there reply.

Now if this is the service they provide I might as well take my business to another provider as I have looked around and have found other providers that charge less money.

As a Twitch streamer and offer my 2 servers to my subscribers and area that I play on during my stream the uptime is very important to me, as I stream 5 days a week. Its not like I’m the player that plays the game 1 or 2 hours a week.

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February 17th, 2016    

PickleHosting is the best host out there! While you may find their price outrageous, but that is due to 24/7 support and countless other features that they provide unlike other host. I remember the amount times the support responded in minutes concerning an issue caused by recklessness and being able to resolve it in a timely manner. They provide over a hundred modpacks/jars to choose from with 1 click installation. They even help you upload personal modpacks/jars unlike other hosts that just leave you on the curb like an abandoned puppy and say do it yourself. I’ve been a customer with them for a year and a half and will continue to do so. I have owned Minecraft Servers ranging from .5GB to 5GB of ram that ran perfectly for the scenario, Teamspeak servers that are able to host parties filled with dozens of people, and even webhosting. They are in the top 1% for hosting. Sometimes you have to get passed the price in order to understand why they are worth it.

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