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Company Name: MainVoice Communications Company Email: contact@mainvoice.net Company URL: http://www.mainvoice.net Main Voice Communications provides you with top quality Ventrilo servers, MohawkVoice servers, Teamspeak servers and Mumble servers. From the use of our voice servers, we...
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Gsprating.com was founded in May, 2009 by an online entrepreneur named Bobby Samai. The whole purpose of this website is to provide information to potential buyers of Game Servers, Voice Servers, and Hosting Services. You will be able to read inclusive reviews on a possible game provider that you have been scoping out. You will also be able to checkout what our users rate their provider. We want to help you choose the best possible game server provider available, so we offer tools and reviews to help make this hard decision a much easier process.

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In the menu bar there is a link to our Top 10 Ranked game server providers. No! they are not in any specific order. Those providers have made our Top 10 Ranking because of their longevity in business, as well as their customer service, website and game server qualities. The Top 10 Rank is not easy to get listed on, it requires hard work and dedication to your business. Just because you are not on the Top 10 Ranking today, does not mean you can never amount to it. I have made it my personal duty to checkup on every GSP we have listed on our website, and if you keep your website online, provide quality servers to your customers and round-the-clock customer support. It takes hard work but your company can make it on our Top 10 Ranking Game Server Providers.

If you cannot find your GSP on our website already, it’s probably because you never submitted your company to us for review. Take a few moments and fill out this simple form to get listed. Make sure you fill out every portion of the form completely, otherwise we will delete your submission and you will have to go back and do it all over again. So don’t be dumb, please fill out the form correctly and spam free, and start driving new customers to you business faster.

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Use the logo’s on our get listed page on your own website and direct traffic back to your personal rating page. Here is an example link http://gsprating.com/yourcompany and see what your customers have to say about your company and service. They will be able to write a full detailed review, and rate from 1 to 5 stars for different categories such as Server Quality. The better the rating you have the more chances you will receive the coveted GSP of The Month award.

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GSPrating uses MailChimp to send out our monthly newsletter which contains vital information that every GSP owner, employee and customer needs to know. What going down in the latest Data Center gossip and news. Who won this quarters GSP Award, and the best coupon code of the month will be featured in our monthly newsletters. These are just a few of the top reason why you need to register on our website. I promise you we will never send out spam or sell your email address, we hate spam way more then you and would never consider it.