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Published on:May 15, 2009       flag

Hello Heroes!

We’d like to introduce you to a few new members of the Heroes team: The folks who will be providing the game servers for Heroes.

With many other Play 4 Free games the game server is actually the computer of one of the players in the game. For those feeling technical, this is called peer-to-peer networking. This can lead to a poor game experience, as home internet connections aren’t as fast, which can cause lag, or if that one player goes off-line your server will disappear. This can also make a peer-to-peer game more vulnerable to hacks.

Battlefield Heroes uses dedicated servers. This means the game servers for Heroes are powerful computers, in safe locations with very fast internet connections. This makes the game experience as good as possible.

These new Heroes team members are!

As we move ahead with sending out even more Heroes beta keys, these people will be deploying servers in as many locations around the world as they can. So there should always be a Heroes game server close to where you live.

To celebrate the announcement of these new members of the Heroes team, we have given them a limited number of Beta Keys to distribute. So if you haven’t got a key yet, here is an extra chance to grab one. They will be posting news on their sites with details.

Soon you’ll be able to rule over your own Kingdom, be that Royal or National, by owning your own game server through these new Heroes team members.

As a King you will have special powers over your population!

  • Decide which Battlefield you and your Army choose to fight on, by setting your own map playlist.
  • Love one map in particular? As a King you decide how many times you play on one map.
  • Want a Kingdom all to yourself? Close the doors to your Kingdom, so just you and your friends can battle together.
  • In your own Kingdom nothing has to be fair. Fight 1 player versus 8 if you’d like. It’s up to the you.
  • Need more time to hone the skills of your Army? As a King the fights last as long as you choose.

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