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At PlugPayPlay we aim to provide a professional and reliable gaming experience. We know in order to sustain a growing client base and keep our existing clients happy we need to keep you provided with...
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At PlugPayPlay we aim to provide a professional and reliable gaming experience. We know in order to sustain a growing client base and keep our existing clients happy we need to keep you provided with the highest quality servers available. This is why we have invested a large amount into our servers, network and last but not least, being able to provide the support with your service.

To help game server administration that bit easier for you, we use a game panel packed with every feature you could want so even if you have little game server administration experience you will find hosting your very own game server with us a breeze.

We offer support to all our clients and our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always willing to answer any queries. Though we do not offer 24/7 support we are constantly checking our servers and how they are performing all day, so rest assured the servers and your game play will be running smoothly.

Some game server providers rent servers and thus if there is a problem there is a chain of people to get in contact with to solve the problem, with us there is no chain. All our servers are owned by us so there is no middle man and we deal directly with the data centre we use. This means if a server was to develop a fault we could sort the problem direct so the problem would be resolved swiftly and efficiently with no messing around.

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November 12th, 2014    

I. Hate. These. People. First of all we get off to a awful start, left to drown in open water, you’re not told ANYTHING. Like literally, you get the server and that’s it. You’re on your own. I finally get everything going with the help of the only useful staff member, Adam Davidson, he came on the server and fixed a lot of the errors which was great! Anyway yeah, everything was going well and then all the server data gets deleted!? WHAT? The server hosts do not keep backups so because of this massive mess up on THEIR side, I suffer. Literally everything is lost, and again this Adam guy tried to help me but the other staff do like… nothing… I was given 15 free days but whatever. Poor service and I can’t say I’d recommend them.

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April 23rd, 2014    

Amazing host!

Cheap reliable mincraft servers i suggest you your this host.if i ever came into a problem they will be on it within a few minutes with there online support tickets. my server is fast and does not have any problems. don’t be shy to ask for to ask before you buy!.

the only drawback it the website. it says website coming soon but it works just fine. thank you plugpayplay

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January 13th, 2014    

I see a lot of reviews on here from what seem to be children who blindly give great reviews after a week, so I’ll be at least a little bit professional here.

PPP’s pricing is great, their servers seem to run well enough for the most part. The problem? The support.

I came from fragnet. Yes, they were a bit more expensive, but you could expect a response within an hour and when they did a big upgrade, they had it done within 24 hours at a maximum. I never saw downtime with them.

PlugPayPlay on the other hand…well, this is just the end of my first month, my second months bill was paid days ago…and they started an upgrade of their TCAdmin panel, citing that there would only be about 24 hours of downtime at the most. My 2 minecraft servers have been down for nearly 5 days. Let’s not forget their support taking upwards to a day and a half to answer you (which during an upgrade period is unacceptable), as well as the excuse I’ll never forget on the third day into my downtime “the technician is asleep”.

The story is this – once I noticed they were still down after a day, I contacted them asking if the upgrade was still happening, as I was a bit puzzled. They apologized and assured me it was still happening. The next day, I went and saw that TCAdmin had been upgraded. My servers weren’t there. I updated my ticket letting them know, 2 days later, my servers are finally there, and once again I can finally connect to FTP. The servers, however, are still not operational. I try to log into mcmyadmin, and what happens? This:
Servers try to start and give me this error:
2:33:46 PM CONSOLE: [INFO] Generating new properties file
2:33:46 PM CONSOLE: WARN]: Failed to save server.properties
2:33:46 PM CONSOLE: (Access is denied)
2:33:46 PM CONSOLE: Method) ~[?:1.7.0-ea]
2:33:46 PM CONSOLE: Source) ~[?:1.7.0-ea]
2:33:46 PM CONSOLE: Source) ~[?:1.7.0-ea]

I figure okay, it says there’s an update available for mcmyadmin. I try to initiate that thinking that may remedy the issue. I get this:
Error handling your request
An exception occured handling the updatemcma method. Access to the path ‘K:\UserFiles\DERRICKL\GameServers\TC60770014851028450333865\McMyAdmin.ebi’ is denied.

So, apparently it’s been deemed not necessary for me to have permission to run my servers. I realize this is just a technical error, or an oversight; and it would have been forgivable after the first or maybe second day – but now it’s nonsense.

Keep in mind, this is something that I’m experiencing as I write this. This may be an anomaly and it may never happen again. I’ve elected to give them another chance, as in one more day to completely correct it, but I don’t want this review to remain up, because people should know.

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November 22nd, 2013    

Great Price, Good server quality (hardly any lag) but the support is awful
Especially Sean O’Donnell, Others have accualy tried to fix the problem but he says that There is no problems with your minecraft server but accualy there IS. What a C**T

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