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Established in the year 2000 our 100% Tier 1 Network features providers such as Savvis, Internap, and Level 3. By specializing on the gamer market and eliminating lower tier providers such as Cogent typically used...
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Established in the year 2000 our 100% Tier 1 Network features providers such as Savvis, Internap, and Level 3. By specializing on the gamer market and eliminating lower tier providers such as Cogent typically used by hosting companies, GameServers.com ensures you always experience low latency performance for your Teamspeak, Ventrilo, or game server. Each of our locations utilizes Gigabit Fiber links (1000Mbps or the capacity of 650 T1 lines combined) to deliver optimal ping no matter how busy your server is. To ensure reliability, our staff monitors our network around the clock to eliminate any performance anomalies and to ensure our bandwidth capacity is never over 50% utilized at peak!

Our company is staffed around the clock with dedicated and friendly technicians ready to assist you with any problem you have. And when things are running well, they don’t sit around – they monitor our network to make sure it is running at peak performance.

Game Server Problems — This is our number one priority. Server Down? Server Misconfiguration? Server performing below standards? No problem – our technicians are here to make sure you have a problem free operation.

Advanced Server Administration — New to administering your server? Our friendly support staff will help point you to all the right F.A.Q. for your game as well as the popular plugins and 3rd party mods available for your server. See what mods we support by viewing your specific game.

Select Website 3rd Party Software — Our technicians will help you install popular software titles like phpBB (forums) and phpNuke (news, etc).

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July 6th, 2016    

I have had a very positive experience with this site. My server was up very quick and they responded to all my questions within the hour. The majority of my problems were due to my own errors and yet they responded promptly and courteously.

I would recommend this site to everyone. It’s well worth the money.

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February 27th, 2016    

My Minecraft server was 50$ last year but they changed it to 12$.
They charged 50$ even though the price has changed.

I asked for a refund but they refused it. They told me that I have to cancel my subscription next year and order a new Minecraft server.

I was always very happy with gameservers and I expected a suitable solution because that is what I am used to from gameservers.

I am very disappointed to see that the customer service isn’t as good as it used to be.

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August 4th, 2015    

We were looking for a very simple CSS host of at least 12 players to start off with hosted in the UK. We went with gameservers as they had a very high SEO ranking and top on Google, etc – lesson learnt, I should checked reviews first. We run a fairly popular game server which is full at certain hours of the day due to our community, at first it was pretty decent, but as soon as the server starts to lag or support was involved – the service became much less tolerable.

The server would lag, at random, with no proof of DDoS attacks from the provider or any reason for the lag, they just suggested that we move the server to a different location – but why should we move our server to a different location when they should just have optimised machines that they are clearly listing as a usable location for a server they provide? So we hesitated a move for a few months – then eventually we made the move to a Netherlands server after we had enough – and this was even worse. We had collected a large amount of donations with Gameservers’ fantastic donation feature, which we are now in the process of getting refunded as we move to a different provider.

Sorry Gameservers, it’s a 2 star from me – I would give a 3 star for the kind refunds to all donators of the positive balance, but the support itself was far too basic and uncaring to make up for this.

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