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Not only do we already offer a huge selection of hosted game servers, both leading voice server communications clients (Teamspeak & Ventrilo), and a range of dedicated servers, we also ensure that we are always...
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Not only do we already offer a huge selection of hosted game servers, both leading voice server communications clients (Teamspeak & Ventrilo), and a range of dedicated servers, we also ensure that we are always expanding the list of what we offer.

This isn’t just offering extra titles or more options, at GameServage we are also always looking for new and innotive ways to deliver our services. This need to constantly innovate and fine tune our service delivery process all goes towards making your experience with GameServage even more enjoyable.

So whether your just starting off and wanting your first game server, need a voice server or just after a new home for your clan website, we have a solution that will fit your requirements. Alternatively, if you think that your clan is ready for the next level and you need to expand, then our dedicated servers will be just the ticket.

With GameServage you can be sure that whatever service it is you take from us, that it is being hosted and supported by one of the UK’s leading gaming service providers.

Date Founded: 04/10/2012
Coupon Codes: Check Back Soon
Website: http://www.gameservage.com

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December 3rd, 2016    

Been using these for my ark server, and although they are a small company compared with others they actually release everything so quickly, like cross travel and seed map, they released within days of it being out. So all in all a very good niche company for all games, smart guys too.

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July 9th, 2013    


I thought i would write a quick review.

At TacticalGaming we are a gaming community of over 2000+ and when it comes to getting the right servers this is a must and from the outset of me looking for a server I needed only the best servers for Ping, Price and support.

After looking at a lot of server providers i came across Game Servage and The price was shockingly low, So our community ordered a server for ArmA 3 to test and we were just simply amazed enough so to make this my number 1 server provider.

As for support well it cant simply get better, We put in a ticket and within 30 minutes it was answered and our problem was sorted.

Admin Panel, The admin panel is simply to die for. Existing providers i have used have simple had an over complicated control panel and Gameservage has exceeded with theirs, Its simple and looks great.

So my final sentence is this, If your looking for affordable servers with great support then you need look no further. I know TacticalGaming wont .

Very Happy.

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May 26th, 2012    

OverAll Service is great and they have a great understanding, i broke the server about 3 times lol dont know how i managed it but i did but there great response time soon restarted server from new so what i did to it was removed 😀

Server Quality is great as i did alot of the Modding to my server my self( POSSIBLY REASON WHY I BROKE IT SO MANY TIMES HAHA ) and the server runs great and smooth and what every one on this planet wants from a server is good REG and i get great Reg from Gamer Servage.

Pricing like Sick pricing never knew servers where so cheap as i have kinda seen some drastic prices from most companies but this one has great prices and also offer great deals.

there website is IDIOT proof i mean its soo simple to use and soooo easy, specially there Admin login system to customize or play around with ur server is so easy and simple to use and they offer a great range of mods to select to add onto the server.

I bought a CoD4 Server. <—- thats the IP for those wanting to check it out.

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May 14th, 2012    

this site is brilliant. we have never had a connection problem and the staff is really useful when getting you started.
the server was up within five minutes of paying for it.
overall very happy with this service and i would recommend this server for anyone that wants a hassle free server.

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