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Company Name: GTX Gaming Company Email: sales@gtxgaming.co.uk Company URL: http://gtxgaming.co.uk We provide high end servers with the ultimate support. We have free Fast Download with all servers and the friendliest yet most efficient staff compared...
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Company Name: GTX Gaming

Company Email: sales@gtxgaming.co.uk

Company URL: http://gtxgaming.co.uk

We provide high end servers with the ultimate support. We have free Fast Download with all servers and the friendliest yet most efficient staff compared to any other GSP. We have the top notch prices and we are simply the best!

Instant Automated Game Server Setups! Be Playing In Minutes.

Why suffer an empty server? Choose GTX Gaming for your game server hosting. Hosted in West London, we rank our servers up so they are always popular.

GTXGaming provide outstanding quality game servers at cheap per slot prices anyone can afford.

Ask for a 24 hour trial, we have 100% faith in our game server’s quality.

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Total Reviews 38     Positive 28     Negative 10


October 18th, 2015    

So, I know these reviews are all over the place, but I would like to give a inside view and details.


If you are planning on having a server, that just runs on preinstalled features and you would like plausible amount of uptime you can definately do it with GTX for a reasonable price.

if you are planning on making a top server, with all the addons etc. and you have actual knowledge on code etc. this is a company you should either bring enough drugs or have nerves of steel, because the support is the definition of incapable, they do not understand the simplest concepts of coding or how servers work. They seem to have a list of FAQ, and what isn’t on there, they just say “If you are using addons beyond what we give you to preinstall, it is not our concern” even though your actual problem might be related which they don’t comprehend due to the lack of knowledge, now don’t get me wrong, they are nice and active, but that doesn’t help when you are teaching the support while trying to get some answer which might help you solve your issue.

Another BIG issue is, any changes in addons or down/upgrades on your server (even just the switch between the extra fee for fast support to normal support) will instantly shutdown your server without a warning. I love when that happend and I had over 30people which were confused, dissatisfied, and in the end I had to clean up the mess.

Another BIG issue is, they added a Dedicated server restart once a week now at a time where no server ever has a normal restart, so basicly someday in the week at sometime (they dont tell nor share when exactly) the server just restarts. HOW CAN THAT EVEN BE AN OPTION?!

I could go on about the “it looks good but the important functions suck” but the list would be too long, if you have strong nerves and want a decent price and performance, GTX can be used, however, if you need a 100% functionality and can live with paying a bit more, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I have the issue that I cant save my database I AM NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO DO MANUAL BACKUPS?! so i cant really move the server to another host without wiping everyones data (which isn’t a possibility), maybe this is done to keep customers, but idk.

I can only say, I am really dissapointed!

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July 23rd, 2014    

I have been with GTX Gaming for over a year now. They answered every ticket that I have put in. I have had hosting company’s that were so bad that to this date I still get billings from HFB Server and my server was only up for 4 days and never came back up. So if you are looking for a Hosting company GTX Gaming is a good to go with.

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March 5th, 2014    

So we had a dedicated box with these guys and it kept having high pings at random times normally in the afternoon. I couldnt even RDP onto the box to try and resolve it.

We raised a few tickets to get it rebooted etc but the problem persisted. I did notice when i looked at the box at the start they had not done a clean install to the point i found a hidden Minecraft server running and could also clearly see the previous owners name which breaks data protection within the UK.

Even after i told them this they didnt offer to clean it up. I checked the event viewer logs and there was error after error dating back over a year nearly.

We raised a ticket on the 4th of feb to try and get a final resolution and after 20 days of trying to get simple work done everything really just broke down. It only got worse from here.

It is now at a point where the owner Matthew Griffin is being personal and also seeking alternative ways to abuse me with such comments as “stop being a douche” sent to me on facebook. I am not even friends with him on it….

The invoice was due by the time they went to do the work (20 days later!!) so we said we would only pay it once the money was done. This again caused a problem and an agreement with terms was made within the ticket that if they agreed to do the work on the wednesday at 12pm we would pay a £20 deposit which we did. They didnt do the work until 8pm even after me telling them not to take us down during obvious gaming peak hours. They are now refusing to return the deposit because i did a screencast showing the ticket, poor service and abuse from Matthew the owner. They are even disputing it in PayPal!

I would avoid them like the plague if i was you… Stole money, gave poor service and then abused me for standing up to them.

Evidence of everything can be found here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixh8ZmYEq3U <– part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGje1IDrAfU <– part 2

Supporting Documents:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/1u62wdglumgwl9t/gtx2.docx <– full ticket log
https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xq7wpwtw9hs42m/fbabuse.png? <– Screenshot of Facebook abuse

Another note to add which was rather amusing, he will probably remove it but on youtube clip #2 he claimed not to be the owner even though his own website says he is and everything is registered in his name lol

Again if you want service with decent support and no abuse i would not be looking here.

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September 8th, 2013    

Yes mixed reviews here, the problem with the bad ones are down to the fact that GTX don’t actually host any servers themselves and every time you submit a ticket, they in turn have to submit one to their suppliers. They are just a bunch of young lads with no real experience of how to run a server, hence the sometimes somewhat garbled responses they give, I dropped them straight away.

Mainly they use poundhost com for the UK and ovh co uk for the ones in France and the USA, check the dedicated servers listed on OVH and compare with GTX, they are exactly the same servers except for the prices which are more then 50% cheaper!

OVH is a French based company and very large but don’t expect any great support from them. Any hardware issues will be resolved very quickly, they build their own servers but Google “OVH reviews” and you’ll find terms like “Worst company EVER”, they really suck at installation and software support, you will see why GTX often get such bad reviews. Most of the time things go well with them and you will get a great service for a great price but be prepared to wait if things go wrong. They also have a U.K. telephone support number and the staff are really friendly.

I don’t see any reviews for them here so I have just rented a server from them and will post one in a month or two.

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July 25th, 2013    

Let’s be honest about these guys. Some reviews are overall good or overall bad.

The Good:
I was a Dayz Oigins server customer (not any more). The server itself was top notch, no doubt about it. The pricing was comparable to other GSP on the market.

The not so good:
Support is the worst I have ever seen in this industry. The people there are polite, but incompetent. They don’t read or don’t understand the issues I sent in. I wish I could post some of the tickets, but I won’t. They don’t need to be embarrassed, but then again, they might not get embarrassed as they are border line retarded.
I do not believe or will ever believe these guys setup their business as they have a very difficult time performing the most simplest task.
Ticket responses were mediocre at best. Tickets would also go unattended and then be closed after some time.

I loathed sending in a ticket as I knew it was 50/50 chance they would even understand what the hell I submitted. As a IT Systems Administrator myself, I found myself “dumbing” down or simplifying the best I can as to what my server issues were.

Side Note:
I mentioned that I rented a Dayz Origins server. No “real” control was given to customers, no logs, no tools to combat hackers. To GTX’s credit, the Orgins mod is a bloody mess and the author of the mod is a control freak and trying to take on the hackers himself (fail). GTX is caught in the middle of Renters and Mod Author and take a lot of heat for the failed Origins mod.

But this doesn’t discount the incredible incompetent responses I received from my tickets.


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June 23rd, 2013    

I have nothing more to say…if you will host at this Provider after seeing this Reviews, then nobody can help you!

Get a better one and save your time and Money. For now i wait up to 24 hrs for an admin, that he puts my mod straight in the way…but nothing.

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April 4th, 2013    

I have read all these comments on here and cant understand why there is some negative reviews. I rent dedicated servers from GTX Gaming and i have got to say i am very impressed. The quality of the server is great. The quality of the customer support is excellent. Orders are instant. Tickets are answered super quick and the guys are so friendly. Maybe other people have just had a 1 off bad experience. I personally recommend GTX Gaming because of the high standard of server I have received.

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February 26th, 2013    

Very good support, low prices, all is frindly, and If u need help with something they will help you with the problem till the priblem is fixed!

Currently my favorite company to buy servers from (Bought a CSS Server)

Thumps up to the GTX Gaming crew!

Keep on the good work guys, ure doing great work!


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