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Minecraft Xbox L.A. sold 5 million units in 2012
As of New Year’s Eve, the Minecraft Xbox Live Arcade game passed 5 million units sold in 2012. 4J Studios are the folks responsible for porting the game to the consoles; they were happy to...
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ArkAddicts is a premium game server host focused on bringing the highest quality servers and customer support. While our name focuses around Ark Survival, we offer a full line of game server options.

We promise to you, the customer, to provide the best support possible. We promise to always think of you first, before others. It is because of you we exist, and it is because of you that we will prosper. Companies tend to forget where they came from, who gave them the success they have now. We want every single server rental to come with a white glove service guarantee. This company started after a bad experience with another game server provider. It was late Saturday night and after becoming frustrated with the lack of support we created what we have now. Never do we want our customers to feel the same frustration that we felt that night. Let us be your personal game butlers.

Date Founded: 2014-12-14
Coupon Codes: none
Website: http://arkaddicts.com