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Established in 2003 and a New York based corporation, Velocity Servers has quickly become a leading force in the Game Server Provider (GSP) arena. Benefiting from the substantial amounts of capital available to it, Velocity Servers uses only the very best hardware and networks. Our ability to own our hardware has allowed us to stay one step ahead of the competition in all areas. Unlike our “competitors” whom are forced to pay inflated rates to rent less than optimal machines, we are able to pass the savings of owning our hardware on to you. You can find more information about our parent company, Velocity Servers Network Exchange (VSNX) at http://vsnx.net.

Game servers, game servers and game servers – yes that’s what we’re all about at Velocity. We do one thing, and we do it well – running high performance, high availability (no down time) game servers! Upgrade to professional grade and see why our combined decades of experience will have you asking yourself, “why didn’t I switch sooner?”

Our minimum server specifications are so high that they rank as top hardware configurations for most other game server providers. Our minimum specifications are as follows:

OCTI Harpertown XEON™
12 GB DDR2-FB 667 ECC Ram
2 x 15K SCSI Seagate Cheetahs
INTEL-5400™ Chipset
SuperMirco 1U Chassis

We’ve opted for Harpertown XEON™ solutions due to their excellent performance under load. Our tests have shown that when compared to Nocona/Irwindale XEONs, Harpertown XEONs are nearly 215% faster when it matters most. Paired with SCSI hard drives, these machines will leave you rounds ahead of the competition on match night.

Velocity Servers is a proud hosting partner of Voxel, Server Central, and ColoCrossing.