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The powerful return of the legendary Aim2Game has come as a surprise to many of us that follow the game server business industry. Aim2Game was a top contender back in the day. In fact if...
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Relate Host was started in 2013 by webmasters that got fed up with hosting services filled with lies. Things like fake unlimited offers and overselling that really costs you much more money from slow and bad performing web hosting. So two webmasters from India partnered up to make the best possible web hosting service with no lies and real support. Even today hosts still have these fake offers to entice uninformed website owners. The truth is these hosts will have thousands of websites on one server where Relate Host limits our servers to about 300. we will always offer the best possible service for the lowest possible price.
Relate Host is an Indian based company maintained by nuweb Technologies Private Limited with headquarters in Chennai.
Our Web Hosting Plans come with redundant tier one bandwidth connections. If one connection slows down the network instantly rolls over to the next in line for true network speed and reliability.

We are very confident with our technical experience and between all of the partners here at Relate Host we have over a hundred years in the web hosting arena. Our head technician, Niranjan Nallapothula has experience on both sides of the internet industry, but nothing can prepare for an attack like being able to see from the attacker’s perspective. So Niranjan learned through the eyes of hackers and crackers by joining underground groups and experimenting. Never using his hacking and cracking ability for personal gain, he soon became a master or as some would say a “true hacker”.

Date Founded: 2013-01-28
Coupon Codes: GSPOFF15- Take 15 precent off
Website: http://www.relatehost.com