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If you started up your Xbox 360 to a message of a new update, do not be alarmed. It’s simply a new look for the console with some new features to boot. Here’s what the...
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If you started up your Xbox 360 to a message of a new update, do not be alarmed. It’s simply a new look for the console with some new features to boot. Here’s what the new dashboard brings to the table.

Firstly, the entire look of the dash has been cleaned up. Menus are no longer staggered, but rather laid out side by side in rows. The new look feels slightly more responsive than the previous dashboard, but doesn’t provide a very significant speed boost.

Aside from the aesthetics, there are more substantial additions as well.  ESPN3 has joined the Xbox Live family. If you’re used to watching ESPN3 on your laptop or desktop, you now have the option of putting it on your TV with the help of your 360.

ESPN3 on Xbox Live will have every live sporting event that can be found on ESPN3 and already has hundreds of on demand sporting events.  In addition to the events, you can also find ESPN3 news and analysis.

Netflix has also received a facelift.  Much like the dashboard, menus are laid out in rows and no longer staggered. Netflix has been given a search function too, which means no more adding movies to your queue from your computer.

In addition to the new look and features of the new dashboard, this new update also prepares every Xbox for the launch of Kinect Sensor, which hits stores this Thursday.

How Do I Get It?

Getting the update free from Xbox LIVE is the easiest and best option because your console will be automatically updated as new system software is released. To update your Xbox 360 console on Xbox LIVE, just connect to Xbox LIVE with either a Gold or free membership. Your console will be restarted when you join Xbox LIVE, so be sure to save your game progress.

If you don’t have an Xbox LIVE account or have a slow Internet connection, you can use a USB drive or burn a DVD/CD to update your console. Get complete details on how to do it here:


As many of you may have noticed, all Half-Life game servers are responding and displaying incorrect or outdated server status and server rules information since the Steam update of November 2008.

After some discussion around this problem in our forums the error could be clearly located in the Half-Life dedicated server query protocol, which was caused by Valve when updating the query protocol in the update last November.

After notifying Valve about the issue and waiting for a fix for months now, we have implemented a workaround in our LogMod Plugin for the time being while still waiting for a proper bug fix on by Valve. So with the new LogMod Version this problem is now fixed and all server information and rules are being displayed correct and in time again. This version is available for x86 Linux systems at the moment only, x64 and windows versions will follow the next days.