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Branzone, Inc. was established in 2002. In 2003 our company was founded in Texas to sell game servers in support of the gaming community. Four years later, we have expanded our services to North America’s most demanding regions, South Central, North Central, South West, North West, North East, and North West.

We have also gained a presence in London, UK where we plan to expand our services into other parts of this region as well. With these seperate locations located geographically in the middle of the two largest regions, we can ensure the lowest latency possible to your services.

Branzone is a leader in the internet hosting industry, providing many diverse hosting solutions. Our commitment to our customers and our continued drive toward excellence has made Branzone into what it is today. Branzone will continue to set standards and pave the way for the future of internet hosting solutions.

We invite you to learn more about what Branzone has to offer. From Web Hosting, to Dedicated Servers, Voice Hosting, and Game Hosting, we have the solutions that will meet your hosting needs.

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October 24th, 2011    

I will never do business with Branzone again.

As I was creating an account to post a review the procon server shut down three times for no apparent reason. This kind of crap happens constantly with Branzone. The game server crashes two to three times a day; we have had a really hard time keeping games going because of this. I have put in many tickets and the responses I get are less then helpful. Most of the responses I received were something along the lines of “it looks like it was just your server.”

Some friends of mine run a game server through Branzone so I ask to see their settings to make sure the settings were not an issue. Our settings were the same so why is our server having so many issues? I don’t know and Branzone doesn’t care, after all it is just one server. I am absolutely disgusted and out raged with the complete lack of support we received. Branzone was more than happy to take our money and less than willing to fix our server, or at least let us know what we were doing wrong.

We did not have web service with them so I cannot rate the web service but the game server was trash.

For the price I would have expected much, much more. We move to Branzone because the discount provider we had before was extremely laggy. To be honest we would have been better off paying less money for a laggy server that worked then paying more for Branzone’s broken garbage server.

I would not recommend Branzone as a game server provider.

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Andrew uo

June 23rd, 2009    

My team rented a branzone and it is a good server for the price, I would buy from them again anytime. I would recommend this company tho, my friends says they are very good and the servers are cheap, and their customer service is top notch.

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May 18th, 2009    

About PGN
I’m from Pakers Gaming Network (Pakers Gaming Network – Home) and Branzone has been our main HL1 game server sponsor for about seven months now. If you don’t know who or what PGN is, it’s a large international gaming community catering to newbies and veterans alike since 2005.

We have servers in CA.WA.TX.IL.VA.GA.NY.UK which is pretty much all of Branzone’s locations. All of them are 32 slot CS 1.6 servers that run different kinds of mods like Gun Game, Death Match, Zombie Mod, Fight Yard and the original Classic CS 1.6. Our servers are pretty much full all the time* and so it requires a large amount of processing power and bandwidth just so all the players get the best possible gaming experience when playing in our servers.

Performance 10/10
And I can tell you Branzone does a great job of hosting our servers. CPU usage pretty much is at 0% to 25% when you type ‘stats’ in your RCON console. It rarely goes above 50% (I don’t think it does at all). And most of our players get a good hop to our servers when compared to other game servers provided by other game server companies.

Another note would be uptime, if you think about it 99% uptime isn’t all that great, however uptime based on how you mess up your server is great! If I leave my servers alone for a long time, they’re not even going to go down at all. You don’t need to have constant restarts just to ‘refresh’ your server and revert it back to its performance level. It is ‘always’ at its performance level no matter what.

Customer Service 10/10
Another area where Branzone shines is customer service! It’s very rare in my experience in the GSP business wherein if you ask to speak to the CEO/President, you actually get to talk to the CEO/President of that company. Most of the time, you’ll get a reply wherein they are too busy to talk to you.

This is where I think Branzone shines a lot, you can escalate your problems/concerns to the CEO/President of Branzone (Brandon Miller) and he will directly talk to you. I’ve talked to him in my e-mail, IRC and through my support tickets. And he hasn’t let me down, ever.

Control Panel 10/10
Branzone uses TC Admin as their game server CP. Although it’s pretty much what any other GSP uses if their platform is Windows, Branzone has tailored their CP exactly as how their web portal looks like. You don’t just get a default theme template, you actually see Branzone’s attention to detail (Which is very important to me).

It’s not restrictive at all as some of the other GSPs have tried to do wherein you can’t edit certain files/folders. In fact I can edit any file I want, replace any file I want. If I break it, it’s my fault but have no fear, just click reinstall and everything’s back to normal again. That feature is very important to me as I try different kinds of mods/plug-ins/files that can ruin the whole game server. It’s a good thing that Branzone let’s you do whatever you want on your own server instead of trying to be the one limiting you in using your server’s full potential.

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