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Sleek Servers was originally founded in December of 2008 to sell game servers out of Dallas TX. We had average pricing for average services, so basically you could have considered us an average host. We soon noticed that it was difficult to get clients in the slump of the economy and our cost per slot was just too high for the services that we could provide. We decided to take everything offline, and take a look at our services and where we needed to go. We left Dallas TX and moved into Kansas City MO where we had the opportunity to own and manage our own dedicated servers at a fraction of the cost than in Dallas TX. After relaunching in September 2009 with a whole new target in mind we are proud to announce that Sleek Servers is back and our pricing is lower than ever!

Coupon Codes: GSPR10 – Save 10% reoccurring on any game server.

Company URL: http://sleekservers.com

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