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NuclearFallout Enterprises, Inc. est 2001 is a premium US game server provider that aims to rent out the highest possible performance game servers at the lowest possible cost, while at the same time offering outstanding...
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NuclearFallout Enterprises, Inc. est 2001 is a premium US game server provider that aims to rent out the highest possible performance game servers at the lowest possible cost, while at the same time offering outstanding service and making available powerful additional features.

Nuclearfallout has been in operation since 2001, and we’ve been selling premium game servers since 2002 – since before the term “GSP” was even bandied about. We’ve stayed a top provider because we’ve always offered the highest performance servers, with unmatched service and support and a top-notch control panel and automated systems.

We ensure performance in many ways.

By purchasing and colocating the latest in server hardware, including (as of this writing) the fastest quad-core machines available on a dual-socket platform, and by never overloading our machines through extensive high-tech automated systems that constantly monitor our network and directly handle downed machines and load-balancing, also notifying us of any network outages and slowdowns, and efficiently handling server creations and upgrades with premium InterNAP bandwidth, which is the highest-quality single source of transit available and links us up with all the major National Service Providers (NSPs), including Level(3), AT&T, Global Crossing, Sprint, UUnet, Verio, and Savvis by custom route tweaking — at most locations, we can investigate routing performance problems and perform adjustments to fix them at three of our locations, by running the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) on our own routers and using other transit providers in very specific ways, to bring overall performance even higher than InterNAP alone in Seattle, through direct gigabit-level peering to major ISPs and by fusing two InterNAP Points of Presence (PoPs) via multiple routers and an internal backbone

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January 20th, 2014    

We began our adventure with NFO when looking for BF4 hosts as our previous BF3 host was not an approved provider, we came to terms with NFO. I saw a little bit of negative in the way of reviews but I figured that they had everything figured out.. Boy I was wrong.

We went with a Dedicated server in NYC. It cost $229.99 a month on top of that the advertised price for BF4 slots at that time was 37.5 cents a slot extra.

We ordered the dedicated server 9 days early as recommended by NFO staff and had the server setup in less than 24 hours.


The first problem occurred when I asked to order via support ticket a specific amount of BF4 slots, the price per slot on the dedicated machine was 37.5 cents as advertised, the price they quoted me was something like 38.4 cents a slot, which didn’t match ANYTHING they had listed on their website.

The second issue was general access to PB files. I read the TOS for BF4 and it specifically allows the server admin access to the .cfg files in the pb folder, the only way I had access to these files was through their admin panel, which is a huge pain when you have 8-10 game servers.

The third issue was general access to the punkbuster screenshots. I have never had so much trouble with a host refusing any general way of allowing us to view our own screenshots. They wanted me to pay for a separate webspace in addition to my dedicated machine.

The fourth issue was the fact that they didn’t offer procon hosting, which is essential to the needs of any BF3 + BF4 admin. So to get around this I had to rent a separate VPS from them for $30 a month.

Finally the last major issue I had was the fact that my servers were down a good portion of December. Mostly due to DDOS but the fact of the matter is we were essentially being punished for someone elses actions.

In the end the CEO offered to give us a weeks worth of credit, but at this point we found it cheaper to switch hosts and to cut our loses with NFO


Their support time and automation is fantastic. I honestly never had a host reply to our tickets so fast before.

In conclusion: Their support is fast and they will help as much as they can with an issue, however if your ordering a dedicated machine, make sure you understand what your getting into before you do, and check with others to make sure you will have the access you need.

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December 12th, 2013    

Let me just say this first, I could be considered NFO fanboy for the amount of trust I put in the company, but this review will try to remain objective, you can safely skip to pros and cons.

First time I tried NFO, I was on a trial account and was immediately impressed by the control panel they have for their servers. It’s a custom one, it may seem a bit overwhelming but in reality it’s a simplistic panel with all the functions you need.

I cancelled my trial only to return half a year later, and ordered my first TF2 server with little to no prior experience of managing those things.
Support is the quickest, most knowledgeable and friendly support you’ll ever stumble upon for that amount of money you’ll be paying.
I’m probably guilty of opening more tickets than anyone else on my machine or other machines nearby (for which I was blamed immediately by other hosting company that I moved from).

Not once have I been offended by the incompetence or poor social skills of the support, if my question wasn’t answered – they did their best to point me out in the right direction.

Finally we come to the technical stuff, no lagging whatsoever, giant amount of documentation on their forums if anything were to go wrong, free webhosting and free mumble with the gamehosting purchase, free server move to other locations (love that feature).

– Quick and knowledgeable support
– Powerful optimized hardware
– Good price for the service
– Free webhosting and FastDL/Mumble/Free moves of the server.

– Price may be slightly more than with other providers, you pay for the support, quality, and added bonuses
– Locations are only in US (now they have 1 in EU), would love to see network expand more
– Control panel and website navigation may be a bit overwhelming, and takes getting used to

Overall you get exactly what you pay for, if you’re gonna host a server with growing community that will stay for years, why not choose one of the best GSPs out there?

– IP For my TF2 server with NFO

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May 21st, 2013    

After searching and searching I found NFO servers. I got to say the best server company out there in the United States. I have never had one problem with them at all. They are the best company out there! I got a server with them 2012, and never left. Great pricing, great servers, and Great Support! NFO server are great server and very great people!

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March 31st, 2012    

I recently switched from a shared solution to a VDS and decided give one of NFO’s 2 Core offering’s a shot.

-I was able to grab one of their fully managed 2 Core VDS’s with 2GB of ram,200GB bandwidth,200GB of disk space on sale for $50/month.Roughly 3 weeks later had another sale lowering the price by 10% for a total of $44/month.I was unfortunately unable to participate in the second round of discounts for reasons i will discuss later on.So for pricing they provide competitive prices that give you good bang for the buck.

Server Quality:
-Server quality is top notch with overall good performance.I haven’t had any complaints about registration,fps,ping or lag from other players, nor have i exp. any of those issues myself.Up time has been excellent with some occasional downtime,mainly due maintenance related issues.The custom control panel is impressive to say the least and has quite a few options.Some of those options include,autoinstallers for all the popular mods,server control which allows you to start,stop & retstart the server & execute rcon commands and schedule server restarts.A few more options are events log,which notify you by email of any maintenance or service/degradation events and the server health option that gives you current cpu,ram and uptime stats,as well the servers current specs.There are several more that i didn’t list,but suffice to say it’s one of the best panel i have used to date.

-Support is very good,with most tickets being answered in roughly 30 minutes.I found the answers to be professional and helpful with the support people being genuinely interested in helping.They also followup with you if you forget to close the ticket and that’s a plus in my book.

-Website is pretty standard and easy to navigate.The site has pages for ordering,news/announcements,support & the control panel.The support page includes links for their knowledgebase and forum’s,which are very helpful and informative.The only thing i would like to see them change is the forum software,maybe upgraded it to some newer than phpBB 2.Other than the forum software the website is pretty solid and well designed overall.

Overall Service:
-Overall Service is quite good with the exception of one issue.I mentioned earlier that i wasn’t able to take advantage of the second price drop and i’m now going to explain why.Unfortunately, if i did switch to the new pricing, i would have lost my ability to host a BF3 server or make changes to an existing one.If i did switch i would have to upgrade to a 3 Core VDS,just to host or make changes to an existing BF3 server.They didn’t include that info.in the announcement,fortunately someone tested it and let others know before i made any changes.So because this i’m going to remove a star from both my overall service and price ratings.If it wasn’t for this one issue, NFO would have scored 5 stars across the board.However they’re still a good company that has been in business since 02 and i would still recommend them to anyone looking for a GSP.

Server IPs:

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November 14th, 2011    

I’m renting a 2 Core Virtual Private server with Nuclear fallout, and I must say it’s amazing!

I Host 4 servers on a 2 Core VPS (Yes 4 Servers 2 Cores!) It Never Lags, i have the most popular USA Deathrun server in Counter-Strike:Source. I also run a Semi-Popular Zombie Escape And a Surf-Deathmatch server all on Counter-Strike:Source. Our Newest server is a TF2 And after 10 Minutes of putting it up and its Popularity Sky Rocket with Comments like “Wow, This is a True No Lag Server” And “I’m in the UK and i havent lagged Yet!” After i Saw those comments on the server chat, i realized that NF is the right place for my servers to be hosted.

Thanks NF!

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Jason "Saint" Weber

May 25th, 2010    

Best quality and service I have encountered in 5 years running a CZ and cs clan. Major League servers would be second in quality.
We currently use major league servers because of price. They have been around years and still standout over other companies..

Once in a while you get a pubber who is used to gameservers or crappy pub servers who complains.. My clan constantly uses netgraph and its always the best on NFO server.

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May 14th, 2010    

I’m renting a Virtual Private server with Nuclear fallout, and I must say it’s running amazingly well!

The server runs 3 game servers smooth as butter, or 4 servers that run good, but not as good as if it were running just three. Many other VPS hosts give you almost no processor speed, and no ram for 40 bucks. I’m getting 1gb of ram, and a dedicated CPU core running at 2.8ghz. Remote connection runs very well. Best money spent!

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October 27th, 2009    

Second time im back w. NFO. They’re great. Servers awesome. (COD4), never lag, awesome reg. Same as other $2/slot servers, however, customer service is so much better.

They’ll also make sure you’re happy w/ your server, if not they’ll fix it.


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Shane B.

September 16th, 2009    

The customer service is pretty great but the servers are not good at all, lots of lag during peak playing time. I think it has to do with the memory they use. It’s changed overtime since I first bought my game server. Lately its been getting laggy when I fill the server. I put in a support ticket and their customer service handled the problem fast.

Good job NF!

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