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About The Company
You would expect us to write that we will “provide fast servers for great gaming”, but we go further than that. XtremeServerHost prides itself in the fact that it helps customers through the entire process of managing their server, even installing third-party mods. Many providers do not provide this type of service because it requires more technical support, but we at XtremeServerHost disagree with that philosophy. The entire reason we are here is to serve you, the customer, and help you in building your server from the ground up.

What Powers XtremeServerHost
The servers that power XtremeServerHost are only Intel-based servers in top of the line datacenters. Currently, our servers all have Intel solid state drives and brand new Sandy Bridge Quad Core Intel processors. We choose only the best hardware to power our servers. Many companies say that they are providing top of the line hardware, and actually don’t, because it is much cheaper to not do so. We choose top of the line hardware because in the end it pays off for both us and the customer. The lesser issues we have with our servers, the lesser issues the customer will have with theirs, and that’s what matters.

XtremeServerHost was founded in 2011 and is incorporated in the state of Florida.

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Website: http://xtremeserverhost.com