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Gamers for gamers, that is our motto. The team behind Fluctis consists of gamers. We are backed by a group of schooled IT professionals with experience in the hosting scene. We offer you the best...
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Gamers for gamers, that is our motto.
The team behind Fluctis consists of gamers. We are backed by a group of schooled IT professionals with experience in the hosting scene.
We offer you the best support that you can expect and help you personally with the set-up of your servers if needed.

We offer servers in both US and EU regions using only the best datacenters available.

Right now Fluctis only offers hosting for Source based games, but this will change in the near future.
Our main focus is Garry’s Mod, a sandbox game with unbelievable expansion possibilities. We offer you lua support for all your coding problems and have a versatile library of gamemodes, addons and modules for you to use directly in our control panel.

We also offer Ventrilo hosting in most of the world.

Want something bigger than just a gameserver for your community? Fluctis offer dedicated servers at good prices. You can find a list on our shopping cart or you can contact support for a personal quote.

Coupon Codes: CSS15 – 15% off on your first month on Counter-Strike: Source
Website: http://fluctishosting.com

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April 17th, 2016    

Hi , I tried the host of fluctis minecraft i loved .
I rented a server of 3g of ram .
Two months and no longer wanted to charge me and stopped .
The service charm me because I had a question and answered me within half an hour.
In short I loved !

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November 1st, 2011    

I would definitely not recommend Fluctis to anyone based on my own experience. I have not even used these guys for a full month and I am hoping to move hosts.

At first things were iffy, but okay. They don’t have a forum, I have dealt with the same two “support” guys ever since I joined who are also not on very often so most of the time when I need help, there is none to be found. Their FAQ is also empty, empty as in there’s two links and neither of them are really actually helpful at all.

The first time my server got WIPED I just thought it was a fluke. Luckily I stay on top of making backups and saving so I was able to restore my server to a few hours before the wipe. Not only did our world wipe, but our plugins and whatnot also wouldn’t work correctly. Before it could be solved my power went out due to a big snow storm and then when I got back a few days later I found that our server was wiped yet again. Once again, even in their email to their clients, they said our stuff was safe… apparently not because I log into a pool of water and every warp we had takes you to another part of the ocean. Lovely.

Of course because my power was gone I couldn’t have tried to save a backup, funny part being I DO have a back up from that very day it wiped the first time but they don’t have any efficient way of copying the backup over without manually uploading every single file. Speaking of uploading, their uploading pop-up is broken, half of the words are cut off and the size it defaults too is so small you have to manually make the window bigger just to press the “Upload” button. Try doing that for every single file, since that’s the only way we could get our world back for the SECOND time in one week.

They compensated all of their servers for 3 days for maintenance which wasn’t supposed to wipe our world for the second time. Hah. Thanks. I’ll need all 3 to re-do my entire server. Again.

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September 14th, 2011    

I currently have a minecraft server with Fluctis, and have done so since early Aug 2011. I can safely say that other than a hiccup at the start where an old IP was assigned, a problem with permissions (that I suspect I caused due to being a newb at YAML) and a couple of FTP flaws (everything was fixed), everything has been smooth.
When the need for support did arise, tickets were answered within a few hours and live support as always pretty much instantaneous. I also have the benefit of having fluctis’ owner on my steam friends, but considering whenever they’re on steam they’re on live support too, I don’t think it makes much of a difference.

I currently have a Sandstone package (the most basic one), yet it also comes with full FTP access, Craftbukkit pre-installed and a free 10 slot ventrilo server (up to you if you use it, I don’t). I only ever have up to 6-7 people on the server at any one time, and several mods (Permissions, WolrdGuard/WorldEdit, AdminCMD) and it manages everything we throw at it (other than random bouts of a thousand creepers).

Within the last day or so, they have been slowly rolling out a new control panel known as Multicraft (most other clients have TCAdmin). I have been beta testing it and compared to TCAdmin it’s so much better. Granted the UI isn’t as pretty but the FTP is blazing fast and the panel contains features such as a live console view, log viewing, chat logs, basic remote management (kicking and banning players for example when you’re unable to get to the server yourself) and backup utilities.
Hopefully, after further testing, you too can experience the brilliance of this panel.

So, in conclusion;
Overall Service = 5 Stars. Nothing to complain about.
Server Quality = 5 Stars. As long as you adhere to the “limits” of the RAM Capability (that is, no 10k by 10k maps and not having any more than the recommended amount of people on the server), you shouldn’t have any issues.
Pricing = 4 Stars. Pricing is VERY competitive for minecraft hosting, however there are times where I wish the pricing was a tad cheaper.
Website = 5 Stars. It’s well designed and good looking. Should be able to find what you need easily.

Overall this is a company well worth considering. I doubt I’ll want to switch any time soon.

P.S. I forgot to mention, they have options to be in the US or the EU. My service is in the EU, the Netherlands.

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Christopher Dishong

July 17th, 2011    

I just got a Garry’s Mod server from them a few days ago. It was up within an hour of
buying it. I set it up as DarkRP because we already have a build server.
Well the server got full quick, and it didn’t miss a beat. No lag at all,
low pings (I live in PA and the server is in Dallas and I still only get 60ms)
and it runs great. I am thinking of switching over my build server to them.

Their support is great, as soon as I bought the server I went into live chat
and asked for a fastdownload redirect. 2 Minutes later it was up! They even
installed metamod and a few addons for me just by request!

I would recommend them to anyone, new or old to hosting a server. Cheap prices
(0.25c) with a base price of 19.25$ for 8 slots. That means 128 slots for 49.25$.

I will be sticking with them!

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April 25th, 2011    

Got a Garry’smod server from them a couple of days ago. It’s doing great! They’re even helping me with my gamemode’s. Haven’t had any downtime and they have a nice database of addons. Their site still needs some work though. Some things aren’t very clear, but once you’re past that, everything’s fine.
Highly recommendable!

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