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Let me start by introducing myself. Joe refers to me as the Events and Southern Regional VP here at XFuel. I am stationed in Texas and have a team of XFuel reps that work for...
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Let me start by introducing myself. Joe refers to me as the Events and Southern Regional VP here at XFuel. I am stationed in Texas and have a team of XFuel reps that work for me. I have not accomplished near what Joe has in his life but I have my many great accomplishments as well. I have grown many companies myself. I have had the great opportunity of managing multiple companies. Along with XFuel I currently am a national account manager for the largest third part IT leasing company in the nation, VAResources Inc. I manage small accounts you may of heard of called DELL, CDW, Ingram Micro, Xerox, and the list goes on and on. By the way I am only 24. How have I done this, because I sold myself. I made people believe in me, I performed beyond their expectations, and I didn’t do something someone else couldn’t do I did what other people didn’t do. I am saying all this not to float my own boat but to establish the point I am about to make.

My main job with XFuel is to build the gaming communities and find the teams that will not just say they want to be a part of XFuel but that actually contribute. In case you guys haven’t realized by now but being sponsored by a company isn’t just what that company can do for you but also what you can do for the sponsor. Are you truly that foolish to think sponsors give money for no return? This is a business not a charity. Take my team of XFuel reps that work for me here in Texas for example, I don’t pay these guys a dime, sure they get a free shirt and I give them a couple bottles of XFuel now and then but there is no pay. So why do they work for me? It’s simple, the team I have is a group of older gamers (in their 20’s) that work every day jobs but want more for themselves in the future. They see the big picture, they see that XFuel is growing and they see where it can lead them in the future. Stop your foolish thinking about what can XFuel give my team, what can XFuel pay for, and start thinking what can I do that will show XFuel my team is different, my team is dedicated to becoming more than just your average “I want free stuff” team. Joe has been trying to teach you guys this through the blog and some of you continually email us with your desperate “give me free stuff” request. If you are 8 years old I understand you can’t grasp the concept but you kids 15+ have to wise up and see the opportunity smacking you in the face.

I am a big gamers myself and no I don’t just say I play games I actually play competitively. I have coached many teams, play gamebattles, go to tournaments, MLG events, etc. If you question my gaming check me out on Xbox Live, gamertag TwoLoud. I know how the sponsorship programs work for gaming teams work and all that a sponsors will offer you is a discount on their product, and really how many pair of turtle beach headphones can you buy? Oh by the way they are selling their product and you best believe they are making a profit. Sponsors only give money to big time/pro teams like Str8 Rippin and honestly if you team was of that caliber you wouldn’t be emailing us for a sponsorship and free product, you would have sponsors coming to you. XFuel is doing something different, we are offering you a way to make $dollars that you can use for anything, planes tickets, tournament entry fees, hotel stays, etc. Team e2k (teame2k.net) has sold a lot of XFuel product to pay for their needs and if you were to ask Founder and CEO Legendz which of his sponsors over the years has been the most beneficial he would tell you XFuel, because we have provided a way for him to fund his teams. Really how hard is it to put a banner on your website and tell family, friends, and fans to buy?

So take the sponsorship we are offering through the affiliate program. XFuel will continue to fund teams through the affiliate program, it’s your choice to be a part or not. This is an opportunity hitting you in the face what will you do, play or sit your ass on the bench and watch other teams become the stars? Will you be someone that says “I remember when XFuel started that affiliate program, I should of taken them up on that”, or will you be the team that says “XFuel has helped me fund my team to the top”?

Posted By TwoLoud to Xfuel visit our blog at xfuel.blogspot.com

After a few conversations, and checking with the legal department we have designed a very cool and very catchy RATE OUR COMPANY button for all of the GSPRating websites to post on their home pages. These buttons will represent that your business is being rated and reviewed on gsprating.com. It will give your customers a way to write back to you with our rating and review system. Please update your buttons to the new ones if you’d like. It is not required as we will still be using the previous versions, but if you want to use the newer flashier looking one that’s great!

We will be happy to customize our new button to fit your specific color or size requirement. If you find anyone trying to copy our idea on these buttons, please do report to us immediately and we will be able to take action against them.

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We have more sizes, if you need something smaller or larger just use the contact form and let me know. I will even custom make one upon request, just send me the size Width x Length and the color scheme you would like so it would match your website.

We are always moving forward with the latest information technology, we want you the user to have the best quality experience when you visit GspRating.com. So we partnered with a famous thumbnail/screenshot company called ShrinkTheWeb. Soon all of the companies profiles listed will be integrated to use ShrinkTheWeb thumbnail generator. We ask that you contact us if your companies profile has not been updated yet. This process will take some time to transition over to, but the after affect will be well worth the wait.

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