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Member Since:June 22, 2010       flag

Company Name: MainVoice Communications

Company Email: contact@mainvoice.net

Company URL: http://www.mainvoice.net

Main Voice Communications provides you with top quality Ventrilo servers, MohawkVoice servers, Teamspeak servers and Mumble servers. From the use of our voice servers, we have positioned our selves as the leaders in Voice Communications. We promise you will be satisfied from what you receive from MainVoice Communications.

We insure that you will have the top reliability of our services and we will provide you the top quality services and support that you wont be disappointed about. The cheapest voice servers in the business.

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August 20th, 2010    

I’ve been a MainVoice client for 3 months now. Found their ad on google and bought a 75 slot guild ventrilo. They have been more then amazing. I got setup in minutes with highest codecs and by far the cheapest voice server host I’ve ever seen. They even offer free custom hostnames! I wish I found out about them sooner. I’ve told many of my guild friends about them and some already made the switch. I will continue to use MainVoice for as long as I game.


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Jake L

June 23rd, 2010    

I love the new MainVoice Website, I’ve been a client for about 9 months now, really the best prices and server quality I’ve ever experienced. I pay per 3 months and got 20% off my order using a coupon. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone and have :) GO MAINVOICE!

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