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Snaju stands for “Systems Normal All Jacked Up!” and our goal is to fix all the Jacked Up host out there that make your server or community look bad. So we always are looking out...
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Snaju stands for “Systems Normal All Jacked Up!” and our goal is to fix all the Jacked Up host out there that make your server or community look bad. So we always are looking out for you and making sure that your game, voice, or web server is always online. We offer a fleet of services and servers to our clients that are inexpensive and top of the line.

We are Teamspeak 3 ATHP Approved!
We own all our own hardware software!
We have technicians that have 35 Years of Experience!
Friendly one on one support like a small business!
FREE Giveaways every month to clients!
FUN Events and Contest!

Voice Servers Starting at $0.25/ Slot
Game Servers Starting at $1.00/ Slot

Hope to see you with Snaju!

Coupon Codes: GSPReview – 35% off Total Bill!
Website: http://www.snaju.com

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March 30th, 2013    

Snaju is literally the best company I have EVER been with. Their servers have absolutely zero lag, there support is great, and its cheap for what you get! The server comes ready to go out of the box, with little to no setup. There are helpful modules on the easy to use control panel to help you install mods, different map packs, and more.

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November 15th, 2012    

I love Snaju, i found it on a youtube vid with some guy named something with milk in it or, anyway I think Snaju has great prices but is appreciate it more if on the website if you could drag files in to the file manager. But in all i think snaju is way less complicated then running it on your own great job Snaju!!!!

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November 13th, 2012    

I had previously owned a server with 1gb ram for $15(AUD)/month and that’s not too bad but their customer service took a long time for what i needed to do which was i needed help with setting up through their system. After about 2 weeks from purchasing i got fed up with my questions not being answered i canceled.

I was referred to Snaju by a friend with him saying they have “good service” so i thought why not. I look them up and see that there is a 2gb server for $14(AUD)/month so i got that, the control was completely different so i start tinkering with it and i somehow manage to disable the server, so i thought to myself “well now im screwed”.

They have a 10 day money back guarantee so i was about to do that then i thought i might as well open up a ticket. i open my e-mail so it will notify me when it comes and it was already there, i was really surprised. i end up going into the live chat because i had no clue what to do, the person helped me a lot by not only fixing what i did wrong and explaining how i can avoid this happening again or how to fix it myself next time. He also asked what i wanted to do with the server. Another thing that I thought was amazing was when I told him i plan on installing a phew plugins but he offered to do it for me.

Right from the start, i got a much better service and a better price than anywhere i could find. Now, I’ve only been with them for a phew days but i can say that the service i received for $14 was way too good, the staff member was with me for about an hour and 20min.

From this experience I would rate this company a solid 10/10 i experience no lag on the server even though my internet is terrible. The service is second to none, I’ve not heard of anyone getting better from another host.

I would and will highly recommend this host to anyone and everyone and will be moving my teamspeak server here as soon as I can.

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January 12th, 2012    

Snaju is one of the greatest server hosters out there. They are completely amazing and have awesome customer support. The owner is a mature guy and will try helping you out anyway he can. If you dont like them, there is always a 10 day money back guarantee. The staff is nice and friendly. Choose Snaju over serverFFS and others!

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December 23rd, 2011    

I have recently purchased a Minecraft server with Snaju. I had heard a lot of bad things about this company, but also some good things. The price was right so I bit the bullet, biggest mistake EVER!

First, I attempted to get support and I received nothing but smart-alec remarks from current staff members and even some clients that the staff knows personally. Very unprofessional if you ask me.

Second, I then went on to joining their public TeamSpeak 3 server to get support and again received nothing but rude remarks and was banned several times (no reason given). On top of all of this, I had to connect under SEVERAL VPN’s to try and get in the server to ask a simple question.

Thirdly, after all of this I decided to call the CEO (Zackary Pedersen) directly. He seemed to be calm about the entire ordeal having banned me for no legitimate reason. He verified my account and said I had been suspended for a ToS violation. I asked right away what I had violated and he ignored the question and directed me to the website (which was down) and refused to help me. He then asked to put me on hold, I said no. He put me on hold anyways and directed me to his father! Who, apparently, is the owner of the company, allowing his 16 year old son to act as CEO…go figure that out… He told me that he was watching me like a hawk and said he was ending the call…I don’t understand.

Anyhow, my experience has been absolutely AWFUL! Please, do not use this company, I don’t want anyone to have to deal with what I have. All in all, my experience is 1/10. The only reason I didn’t give a 0/10 is the simple fact that their prices are decent for what you get. Merry Christmas to you too Snaju….

Hope this review influences your future purchases with Snaju and other companies.


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