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Member Since:August 24, 2012       flag

We have started hosting in the first quarter of 2012 because we have a passion for servers and Minecraft! We have expanded ever since and became a registered company before we even opened (unlike many other hosts). We are here to bring professional hosting to consumers.

SulliHosting is based in the New York City, United States. It is specialized in VPS solutions, custom reseller offers and Minecraft game servers.

Date Founded: 2012-02-14
Coupon Codes: MC10 – 10% off Recuring on Minecraft Server Hosting
Website: http://sullihosting.com

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August 27th, 2012    

Sullihosting is a great host! I have used them for a few months now. I have tried 3 of their dedicated servers,A VPS, all webhosting plans bought 5+ domains with them. Simply there service is GREAT! I tell all my friends that need a host to check out Sullihosting because I have not had any problems with them! I suggest this host to anyone starting a new server or simply just looking to switch hosts! There support is amazing! tickets/e-mails/live support is answered within 30mins! The price is right, quality is great, and I really like how all the hardware is BRAND NEW!

- Thanks, Michael Halim

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