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Rock-solid Minecraft hosting since early May 2012. Our company is centered around quality, reliability and amazing support – aiming to provide the best possible service, without any hassle to the user. All servers come with...
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Rock-solid Minecraft hosting since early May 2012. Our company is centered around quality, reliability and amazing support – aiming to provide the best possible service, without any hassle to the user.

All servers come with control panel, full FTP access, free MySQL database and one-click modpack installer. Each node is exclusively powered by Intel Xeon processors and solid state drives.

We proudly see ourselves as the perfect compromise between low price and high performance.

Date Founded: 2012-05-02
Coupon Codes:
Website: http://voodooservers.com

Shockbyte has been providing hosting services since March 2013. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated staff who’ve been in the hosting industry for multiple years, providing 24/7 support and assuring our quality services. Having experience in the industry both as customers and hosts for several years has allowed us to pick out the flaws in many companies, allowing us to create a flawless experience for our customers. As gamers and server owners ourselves, we know how stressful it can be running a server, so we monitor your servers 24/7 giving you peace of mind, allowing you to sleep at night. We have flexible configurations, and don’t charge you for what you shouldn’t be paying for. Unlimited Slots, MySQL Databases and extra control panel accounts for your staff are available free on request, simply open a ticket or contact us on live support. If for any reason we don’t suit your needs, we offer a 5-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Date Founded: 2013-03-28
Coupon Codes: GSPRATING10
Website: http://shockbyte.com

Withernode is an international based minecraft server hosting company, that was founded on the basis to provide a reliable, professional and structured minecraft gaming community; striving to excel with customer satisfaction, enterprise grade hardware and a dedicated support service – working with you to exceed your expectations and provide you with an unmatchable experience. Unlike your typical hosting provider, we have the passion, knowledge and ability to guarantee that your players will feel protected and remain in the comfort of their gaming ventures; knowing that your server is in the capable hands of our experienced operatives and network administration teams – working around the clock, to guarantee 99.9% uptime across all of our systems.

All of our plans come with the following specifications:
– 24/7/365 LiveHelp & Ticket Support
– 99.9% Uptime
– Unlimited SSD Storage
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– 1Gbps Network Speed
– 0% Packet Loss
– E5-1620v2 Processor (for guaranteed smooth performance)
– 480Gbps Anti DDoS (for protection against some of the biggest attacks)
– Solid State Drives
– Multicraft Panel
– Full FTP Access
– Modpack Support

With our prices at $3.99 / GB of RAM, we know that you’ll host in the comfort that you deserve.

For more information regarding our services, check out website and start your gaming ventures today. Submit a support ticket, talk to us on live-chat and help us deliver a powerful diverse network to the people.

Date Founded: 2014-06-20
Coupon Codes: 25OFFFIRSTMONTH – 25% discount on your first month!
Website: https://withernode.com

GGServers prides itself on providing the most affordable Minecraft hosting in the industry. At $3/GB, we’re practically giving it away – we’re at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Although we’re offering an incredibly affordable service, we’re also providing a great quality service. Our servers use top quality, enterprise grade hardware paired with a premium network route-optimized for low latency. We strike the perfect balance between price and performance.

Features: Multicraft Control Panel, Full FTP File Access, Unmetered SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Any JAR Support (Tekkit, FTB, Spigot & many more), Instant Setup, 24/7 Support, FREE Buycraft Premium, FREE Enjin Premium.

Date Founded: 2013-07-15
Coupon Codes:
Website: https://ggservers.net

GamingServers Pty Ltd

GamingServers Pty Ltd provides premium game server hosting of popular games such as Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, Terraria, and much more!

We host and support over 100 games and mods, our 24/7 staff support and knowledge is unrivaled. If you are looking for a host that only uses high performance servers on networks with no lag then make sure to check us out.

Use the coupon code 10%GSPCoupon to gain 10% off any game server or teamspeak 3 hosting, please leave a review below we appreciate all your feedback.

Our dedicated servers are hosted in United States. Our administrative headquarter is located in Queensland, Australia.

Date Founded: 2013-08-13
Coupon Codes: 10%GSPCoupon
Website: https://www.buygamingservers.com


We’ve been around since 2011 and have previously hosted game servers for CS, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, and various VoIP solutions under the name Book4Free. The name Spillvert.no was taken early 2013 and we now focus exclusively on Premium Minecraft hosting aimed for Norwegian customers. In fact, we are the only norwegian minecraft host that is even competitive with the bigger, European GSP’s when it comes to pricing and quality.

Just because we are small does not mean that we can not offer the same as the larger game server providers do – in fact, we believe it is the opposite! We offer fast, personal support in both English and Norwegian, very high uptime and a guaranteed lag-free experience. Our customers should expect to get the same (or better) from us, as with all bigger European server providers.

We use the latest in server technology with Intel Xeon E3/E5 CPU, DDR3 memory and lightning fast SSD’s in all our machines.

Try before you buy: we offer a free trial for everyone who wish to try our game servers before buying.


Som et norskregistrert foretak hadde vi vår spede start i 2011. Da under navnet Book4Free. Navnet Spillvert.no ble tatt tidlig 2013. Vi fokuserer nå utelukkende på Premium Minecraft og Mumble-hosting myntet på kunder fra Skandinavia, hovedsakelig Norge. Vi har tidligere hostet spillservere for CS, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress samt diverse VoIP-løsninger. På denne måten har vi opparbeidet en solid kompetanse innenfor feltet.

Vår samarbeidspartner og serverleverandør er Eltele AS. Eltele sørger for at våre tjenester til en hver tid har den kvaliteten som forventes for at vi skal være markedsledende og på den måten, være ditt førstevalg som leverandør! Bare fordi vi er små så betyr ikke det at vi ikke kan tilby det samme som de større gameserver tilbyderne gjør – faktisk så mener vi det er motsatt! Vi tilbyr rask, personlig support på både engelsk og norsk, svært høy oppetid og en garantert laggfri opplevelse.

Uttrykket «Du får hva du betaler for» blir i vårt tilfelle misvisende, da vi mener at du får mye mer enn hva du betaler for hos oss.

Er du i tvil? Da inviterer vi deg til å prøve en gameserver gratis hos oss før du kjøper!

Date Founded: 2011-01-01
Coupon Codes:
Website: http://www.Spillvert.no

Streamline Servers established in 2007, is already renowned for its reliability and quality products in both New Zealand and Australia. Streamline currently offers hosting for a variety of titles including Counter-Strike Source, Call of Duty series, Minecraft as well as other specialist needs such as mumble voice servers. The Streamline vision is to offer a service that is primarily concerned with quality service and high uptime. Prices vary but are widely regarded as more than reasonable and definitely worth the quality product. Purchase a server today at www.streamline-servers.com

Date Founded: 05/03/2007
Coupon Codes: Check Back Soon
Website: http://streamline-servers.com

evlgaming.com has been running game servers since it’s beginnings in January 2010, and were early adopters of minecraft, with most of it’s staff losing many hours of sleep due to mining, creeper hunting, and in game shenanigans.

Instant Setup!

We provide instant setup for our minecraft hosting, with servers installing typically in 2-3 minutes after your payment comes in.

Control the way you want!

Many providers use typically game server panels that were made to operate your typical game servers (TF2, DoD:S, CS:S etc.) not made to run minecraft! Our panel has been created for minecraft, and has been heavily customized by our own staff. It is also split up and run on multiple systems within each location, to provide a fast loading, and responsive panel. No need to wait more than a few seconds to stop/start or edit your server.

Four our game hosting, we utilize a different control panel, made to run source based gaems.

Bukkit FTW

All of our servers are loaded by default with the latest recommended build of bukkit. Though, if you wish to use other jar files we have a few to chose from, and it’s easy to switch them with just a few clicks via the control panel.

Support when you need it!

Our support staff are always near an internet available phones when they’re not next to a computer, so you can rest assured that your questions will be answered quickly. Our typical response time is under 30 minutes! All of our staff are required to maintain their own minecraft server, and thus have tons of experience with the latest and greatest plugins, and can help you configure issues with them, or recommend a plugin that does what you want it to do! (Keep in mind, your server is unmanaged, so we don’t install plugins for you, but we we will help you troubleshoot problems with them if you come across issues!)

A solid foundation

EVL Gaming is owned by a group of private investors, and is managed by IT professionals, with many different types of experience. That being said, we have built all of our servers from scratch using the latest Intel Xeon sandybridge processors, supermicro components, and Kingston premium server ram, We own our own hardware, not rent (like most providers do) and don’t have to worry about shady components being used in our systems. You may have a nice processor, but what’s connected to the processor is just as important!

No overselling!

For best performance, and to lower costs we decided to make our systems low density. Only one powerful Xeon Sandybridge CPU per system, and only 16gb of ram. Why? We may be able to build dual cpu platforms, with buckets of ram, but even on dense systems minecraft can have performance decreases on systems running more minecraft servers! Our average cpu on our fullest system is 50% meaning if a customer spikes cpu usage, it won’t degrade performance on other customers. Lower density, lower power requirements, it just makes sense!

Drop in plugins to your hearts content!

Many providers block the ability to upload plugins and have a limited library for you to use, or no plugin support at all! Typically that shows that a company doesn’t know how to setup an FTP server, or the company does not run security, or anti virus software on their systems. At evlgaming, we know how to do those things! Our servers scan all incoming files for virus’s so you can rest easy knowing you can upload your plugins, and other customers attempting to upload harmful virus’s won’t cause any damage to our systems.

Continuous data protection!

We utilize R1Soft offsite backups for round the clock protection of your servers. Servers with 512mb of ram or more get free backups that run twice daily, but if you need more backup times (such as every 8, 6, and 4 hours) you can add that on for just a few dollars. Griefing and accidents happen, and we’ve got your back!


We sell our servers based on how many resources you need, and our smallest package starts at 192mb for just $3/mo and go up to 2gb of ram for just $45/mo

VPS Hosting!

We also offer powerful VPS hosting that is geared toward minecraft/game hosting. We also provide installation for various control panels for the advanced users. Pricing starts at $15 for our 512mb dedicated ram/1gb burst package! VPS’s or available in Los Angeles, Dallas, New Jersey, and Maidenhead UK!

3-Day Money back guarantee!

If you run into an issue with evlgaming (that does not violate our ToS of course!) then we will be glad to provide you with a full refund, no questions asked. Though, we don’t think you’ll be concerned with leaving us after you try out our servers!

Coupon Codes: GSPR15 – Get 15% off your first two months of service! New customers only.
Website: http://evlgaming.com

Nitrous-Networks was founded in late 2009 and has always strived to supply our customers with the best service possible. We only run servers on premium hardware that has either been custom built or upgraded to make sure performance is not compromised and to keep the costs down for you!

We at Nitrous-Network.co.uk have been hosting since 2009, in those years we have gained massive experience into the world of hosting. We realize that the customer is the most important person and strive to give them the best possible service, from our quality hardware to our 24/7 support. Hosting with us will be a joy.

Coupon Codes: 20off – take 20% off every server we sell
Website: http://nitrous-networks.co.uk