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Founded in 2000, Netelligent Hosting Services provides a complete range of customized, scalable hosting solutions specializing in dedicated hosting, colocation and bandwidth services. Based out of Montreal Quebec, we currently occupy space within 5 datacenters...
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Recon Hosting started out as Recon Gaming and the web hosting aspect of the business had done so well, we decided to break away from Recon Gaming and start a new division. Recon Hosting brings you Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Master Reseller, Dedicated Servers and VPS Servers. We offer Quality... continue reading

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Gamesclan.com was founded in 2003 and now serving hundreds of Game and voice servers around the world. Gamesclan.com offers Game Servers, Dedicated Servers, Voice Servers and Web Hosting. Our focus countries are Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. Gamesclan.com has been in business since 2003 providing... continue reading

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Furious-Servers is a brand new company hosting Game Servers, Web Hosting, Voice Servers. Founded early 2013. We strive to make every customer happy. We work on deals with anyone to help them out. We currently are located in Dallas, Texas looking to expand as soon as possible. Our servers are lag free... continue reading

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Revhosting is a place for all your hosting needs: game, voice, web, domains, ssl. We have sufficient peering points to provide the best quality and reduce latency among the European countries. Every service utilizes in a different way its resources then we use different networks, servers and datacenters.... continue reading

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Emerging in early 2010 with an end goal of becoming a premier Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Shared Hosting alternative to the bogged down big names out there, BigScoots has accomplished exactly that. By specializing in only 2 services we have cornered a unique market who are knowledgeable of web... continue reading

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This site is operated by Beetux Software. We are maintaining Gsprating so that gamers such as ourselves can easily locate the best possible game server, voice or web hosting provider. Also on the site we have discount coupon codes so that you can save the money you spend on game servers, and spend more of it on your critical hardware components.

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