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MyGameHost was founded in 2002 with the slogan, “Serious Gaming by Gamers for Gamers”. We’ve provided top of the line servers for our thounsands of customers over the years. Personalized support 2nd to none. What...
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3Networx is a full service web solutions company, that was started, and is owned and operated by industry professionals. They felt like it was time for something to be offered to the public, that was substantial. Something with professionals that offer unparalleled service, allowing things to be simple... continue reading

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Phase Networks is one of Australia’s most trusted online providers, offering all the services you and/or your business need to grow online – from world-class web hosting to great value domain names, powerful VPS servers, effective web design, Minecraft Servers and online marketing services.... continue reading

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Deviant-gaming have been in operation since 2011, when four Call of Duty gamers, dARK-f3n1Xx, Onki, Rockyyy and Dr.Wolverine became seriously fed up with being poorly treated by Game Server providers in India and decided to do something about it, we are now a dedicated team of many personnel who provide... continue reading

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Creeperhost is a short-running company, that has emerged into the market of VPS server hosting in the passed twelve months. Hosting on nothing but the highest quality of machinery, boasting the new Xeon Ivy-Bridge V2 Intel processors. We provide nothing but high quality with our Minecraft servers,... continue reading

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Game Server Providers who simply offer staggeringly the cheapset servers with little support, the very same team of technical gurus which build and install the hardware, are on call throughout the day and evening for any queries you may have; however great or small. In fact, it is fair to say that... continue reading

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This site is operated by Beetux Software. We are maintaining Gsprating so that gamers such as ourselves can easily locate the best possible game server, voice or web hosting provider. Also on the site we have discount coupon codes so that you can save the money you spend on game servers, and spend more of it on your critical hardware components.

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