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* 24/7 on-site technicians * Large, active and growing community * Only incredibly high-spec servers used * Unrivalled technical support * Amazingly low prices for services offered * Great range of products to choose from...
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A leading provider in server hosting solutions for the EU and US public. Since 2009 we have provided professional server solutions with a friendly and progressive support ethic, built on top of our in-house feature-packed control panel and integration with popular industry standard hosting systems... continue reading

GSP Reviews Visit Website Positive Reviews 1 Negative Reviews 0

About The Company You would expect us to write that we will “provide fast servers for great gaming”, but we go further than that. XtremeServerHost prides itself in the fact that it helps customers through the entire process of managing their server, even installing third-party mods. Many providers... continue reading

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Go Network Servers was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, CA, with just web-hosting services, we have grown stronger in 2009, but now bigger than ever! We have joined the gaming server provider community and are providing excellent gaming servers for everyone! Providing Services such as Gaming Servers... continue reading

GSP Reviews Visit Website Positive Reviews 17 Negative Reviews 4

A High Quality provider of Game Servers specializing in Minecraft and Terraria servers. Free 10 slot mumble servers and free website hosting included with all orders! We started Kerplunc Gaming because all of us at Kerplunc and Kerplunc Networks are all video game enthusiasts, playing everything... continue reading

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Gamers for gamers, that is our motto. The team behind Fluctis consists of gamers. We are backed by a group of schooled IT professionals with experience in the hosting scene. We offer you the best support that you can expect and help you personally with the set-up of your servers if needed. We offer... continue reading

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This site is operated by Beetux Software. We are maintaining Gsprating so that gamers such as ourselves can easily locate the best possible game server, voice or web hosting provider. Also on the site we have discount coupon codes so that you can save the money you spend on game servers, and spend more of it on your critical hardware components.

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