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Hosted Game Servers provides game server hosting by gamers, for gamers. HGS is out to provide the most cost effective and powerful game servers possible. Raising the standard for GSPs by challenging low prices while...
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At PlugPayPlay we aim to provide a professional and reliable gaming experience. We know in order to sustain a growing client base and keep our existing clients happy we need to keep you provided with the highest quality servers available. This is why we have invested a large amount into our servers,... continue reading

GSP Reviews Visit Website Positive Reviews 28 Negative Reviews 3

Welcome to Daemon Servers UK. Taking pride in customer satisfaction, we strive to provide a top quality service by only using the best equipment and software. With a 24/7 support system and trained staff, any queries are dealt with promtly and efficiently. A bespoke portal and control panel simplify... continue reading

GSP Reviews Visit Website Positive Reviews 3 Negative Reviews 1

A leading provider in server hosting solutions for the EU and US public. Since 2009 we have provided professional server solutions with a friendly and progressive support ethic, built on top of our in-house feature-packed control panel and integration with popular industry standard hosting systems... continue reading

GSP Reviews Visit Website Positive Reviews 1 Negative Reviews 0

At examay we strive on performance and custermer satisfaction we are proud of our 2 high end dedicated servers and offer quality and value for money. We dont believe in overselling and we dont believe in saying unlimited space or unlimited bandwidth because we know that this is untrue. We started... continue reading

GSP Reviews Visit Website Positive Reviews 2 Negative Reviews 0

Void Hosting is a innovative hosting company with a passion for having the best customer service around! Void Hosting offer lots of exciting products. Focusing on Minecraft server hosting and Web Hosting we can also provide domain names, web design, source game hosting, voice hosting and even dedicated... continue reading

GSP Reviews Visit Website Positive Reviews 0 Negative Reviews 0

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This site is operated by Beetux Software. We are maintaining Gsprating so that gamers such as ourselves can easily locate the best possible game server, voice or web hosting provider. Also on the site we have discount coupon codes so that you can save the money you spend on game servers, and spend more of it on your critical hardware components.

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