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Member Since:July 16, 2009       flag

Go Network Servers was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, CA, with just web-hosting services, we have grown stronger in 2009, but now bigger than ever! We have joined the gaming server provider community and are providing excellent gaming servers for everyone!

Providing Services such as Gaming Servers of many games to choose from, Ventrilo servers in over 21 locations, web-hosting for unbelievable prices, and we are known for high quality performance and affordable low prices. We provide excellent customer services and also we want to provide the best gaming experience possible.

Go Network Servers does not just treat “one” as a customer, but as a guest. We provide 24/7/365 Customer, Sales, Billing support. We have contact such as toll-free number, live support chat, 24/7/365 ticket support, and also through our emails. We want our customers to be very satisfied with our services that is why we even offer money back guranteed! If you are not satisfied, we will be happy to refund you within 48 hours no question asked.

Go Network Servers provide superior networking with the top of the line server hardware. So there will be more registration and less lag.

We use optimized Top Tier-1 Pure Networks such as Mzima Networks, InterNap, Level(3) Communications, and more! So we guarantee you get the lowest pings and also the best stability with best networks and also the best top of the line hardware.

Go Network Servers isn’t just any network. We are Faster, Better, Stronger. We’re Just That Good!

Email Address: [email protected]

Website URL: http://go-networks.net

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Total Reviews 38     Positive 17     Negative 4


July 13th, 2012    

Awful. After I cancelled my account with them, they never sent me a confirmation email, and proceeded to charge me for another two months ($50 USD). I disputed this, and they said I did not cancel it “properly.” This is complete crap. Even after a month of back and forth tickets, they are still holding my money and they are refusing to refund it.

Also, their support system is terrible. Their public support ticket system is down, their live chat is down, their forums have always been down, and there is no phone system in place. If you try to email them, the Captcha code on the email page is down, so you can’t actually send it. Any emails directly to them are ignored.

Don’t go with Go Networks.

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    • 11111


February 13th, 2012    

I do not recommend this service in any way, the customer support system takes hours to respond, you get lousy service from customer service, set your servers wrong, after hours you answer claims that all is well, there is a decided to respond to problems early, I paid $ 16 dollars for a game server service, they gave me an email without any configuration, I had to wait over 8 hours to resolve the problem recently, and at that point wanted nothing more I said them that come back my money and there begin with the circus, they send me of one email to other, after 24 hours I put the case in dispute in Paypal, Paypal decided in favor of them because according to this company they did everything right, as you may do everything right?, if set a wrong configuration and after hours of recent complaints serve as if nothing has happened, so think about it many times before renting any service here, because if you lose their money, so I can just say that this company stole my money, stay out of your pocket too. DO NOT GO NETWORK SERVER renting IS THE WORST THAT CAN DO! They are irresponsible AND THIEVES! I have 32 years and I’ve rented in other service that gave me immediate answers to my problems !

    • 11111
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    • 11111


December 26th, 2011    

The service wtih this companyy is horrible to non-existent since they switched to new ownership a couple months back. They NEVER respond to your emails, their chat is ALWAYS offline, and when they do contact you they have no idea what they are talking about. THey could not even understand I needs a file uploaded to a folder level I didnt have access to. So I emailed them a .cfg file I needed uploaded to this directory I did NOT have access to. Their response to me was to log on via FTP and upload the file to that directory. WTF?!$@#@ I have 2 servers with them and had referred 4 other customers to them to get servers. This is now quite a regret. These servers are all L4D2 servers btw. Avoid this company at all costs. On a personal note, I am 47 years old and have been in technical support for over 10 years. My technical level extrememly high.

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    • 22222
    • 11111


January 25th, 2011    

I rented a Minecraft game server from them, and all I’ve got to say is, I’m very satisfied with them.
Best customer support, great prices, fast setup.
Harrison immediately helped me whenever I need help with anything,
he’s very helpful.

I’ve tried several different GSPs before, and Go-Networks is by far the best.

Highly recommended!

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 33333


January 18th, 2011    

I have been using Go Networks for my hosting needs for close to one year. I have never once had a problem with the servers latency or server stuttering. Their custom support is the best I have ever had to use. The website takes a little getting use to, but its not hard to learn it. All of the action happens in the game panel, which is very well thought out! I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for a great hosting provider!

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 33333


November 14th, 2010    

Go Network Servers is the best i have found out there price wise and servers wise….i have two servers from them… a 500fps and a 1000fps servers…

marcus and harrison are both good people..i talk to marcus on steam more then support tickets he helps out alot…..

my server has never been down but 2 times and when the servers does go down marcus will post it on facebooks and on steam and in gns server pages…

if ur sick on gameserver and counter-strike servers i ask u to join us on gns…http://go-networks.net/…..

can’t ask for a better place to go…love u guys and thx for all the help…..fast and better servers Go Network Servers

thx aaron c aka 420

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September 23rd, 2010    

Wow! Go Network Servers is amazing! Tons of features, support, and also their game server panel is great!

It was a fast setup and no it wasn’t instant, but it didn’t take that long anyways.

I do like their new website and their server quality are great!

I do recommend go network servers and give them a try!

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555


September 21st, 2010    

I am new to this company and have a couple questions/concerns. I called the phone number…it’s never on. I tried the online chat…no one ever is on there. (been trying for a week straight and no change) I’m locked out of my exec.cfg file so I can not load certain things, I’ve put in a ticket over 6 hours ago and got no response. I even emailed the CEO of the company and no faster response. It took all last night to get quake sounds on the server but takes 3 mins to load for each client. So I still need them taken off. Support said it took so long cause they got 2 new orders in. I’m off to work and will be waiting on a response. The 12man private works really well though. This is really challenging when your trying to get stuff done and have the server fully functional but support isn’t there. 24/7 live support ticket…just isn’t even seeming real at this point.

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    • 44444


August 25th, 2010    

Hello Everyone!

I want to tell you about Go Network Servers. They have been very helpful with my game servers and web hosting. They manage my mods, help me install my forums and also all their setup are QUICK & FAST!

The support is really amazing since they have 24/7 live chat and ticket support.

Pricing is very affordable but don’t forget that you pay for what you get and here at Go Network Servers is different. you pay low pricing for the best quality gaming servers! I have been customers of other companies and they don’t match GNS.

Check them out! And don’t forget their coupon :) SUM30

Thanks Everyone for taking the time to read my review.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555


August 5th, 2010    

Go-networks is a really good server company. The customer support is top notch, server quality is great and pricing is great. Marcus(Go-network Staff)is really good to deal with when buying their servers. He provides you with the best deals and is a very good person to communicate with. He also takes the time to find u on steam,msn,etc, =P
Go-networks is one of the best game server companies right now. I highly recommend them.

    • 55555
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    • 55555
    • 44444

Carlos F.

July 27th, 2010    

I have had Go Networks since 2009.
Ever since i found them i have had the best experience you can have with a server provider.
These servers perform phenomenally and their customer service is top notch to boot.

I highly recommend Go Networks to anyone thinking about getting a game server.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555


July 17th, 2010    

I just want to say goNetworks has been the best company I have, I recently had Xfactor servers where I was basically SCAMMED I paid for 3 months only got 2 WEEKS!

Go-Networks has provided great service, great support, great great great pricing!! I want to thank the staff at Go-Networks Very much for all they do!!

Keep up the great work Go-Networks Servers!!

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444


July 13th, 2010    

Hello Everyone,

I have to agree with what everyone is saying with all the nice reviews of Go Network Servers.

They have amazing customer support than any other company I have been with
some are: Nuclear Fall out, Xfactor Servers, Midnight Gaming, Branzone, StelathServers, and more!

I have tested almost every company and no one beats the support out of GNS.

Performance: Their server specs are high like any other reputable companies. There are no downtime, lag, stuttering, issues in my server. I have a 500FPS server and it is constant 500fps never drop ticks or fps which is great.

Pricing – Pricing is very affordable compared to most companies as well.
I signed up during their 30% coupon and I am only paying half the amount of Nuclear fall out servers and its even better than their servers.

Panel – Their control panel is TCadmin like any other company but its really easy to use and they have tons of mods and easy setups. I like their design on the TCadmin.

Website – I heard they are getting a new design which will be great but so far the website is eh.. decent enough. There are some problems but not much compared to other sites like Xfactor servers.

Overall Rating – 9.5/10

I recommend you to try them out or give them a go. Their network is very reliable, stable, and their support is 24/7!

Thanks GNS! KEep it up!

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

Ryan Ford

July 11th, 2010    

I Defiantly Agree Hands down, Great Customer Server

Go-Networks are a down to earth group of people that strive everyday to provide Great service and quality, I am becoming a fan of these guys, if they were in other parts of the world i would be even happier

These guys are always happy to answer any questions about my Bill or Server and very understanding about financial struggles and really blows the other hosting company’s out of the water.

Server Quality well, not one server crash, is cheaper then the Hypernia Dedicated server and has the same specs… funny that

Hypernia: 199
Go-Networks: 150?

I would say my rating would be very honest, i think in time Features and Tools will be improved with better website software

Thank-you Go-Networks for being a Great hosting company, Keep it up
Ryan Ford

PS: Start Hosting in Australia :D

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444

Michael Cooper

July 1st, 2010    

Best CSS game server host I have used. The ping is low, there is no lag, and they are cheap! I got locked into a 20 slot public server for $10 a month back in November and haven’t looked back. The customer service is amazing, it is instant chat with real people, and they correct everything instantly for you. They use Cpanel for their user interface, so you know it is quality. If you have any problems with them, contact them instantly with live chat and they will work with you to fix it. I have tried 4 server hosts in the past and been running CSS servers since the game came out.

Anyways, if you are hesitant to get hosting with go-networks, I say don’t be, you will love them.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

Michael Ruby

June 22nd, 2010    


I’ve been a Go-Networks customer for 6 months now owning 2 CSS servers, Ventrilo server and webhosting. I’ve been very very satisfied with Go-Networks. Their staff is top of the notch. Go-Networks staff was able to get server installed within minutes after bought. I highly recommend this company to anyone, you can contact them many different ways too!!

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555


May 29th, 2010    

1. Hi, my experience so far with Go-Networks is excellent. My server took a bit longer than usual to get set up, but I contacted Harrison and he explained that he was shortstaffed at the time and he personally got my server up and running. Additionally, Marcus is very nice and his goal seems to be satisfying customers. He added me on STEAM and frequently checks with my about my server.
2. Server quality wise, the server is pretty much awesome. My ping is very low and lower compared to my previous host. I bought a 250FPS CS server and the server has never dipped below 245 FPS. So far no downtime either.
3. Go-Networks uses TCAadmin (correct me if I am wrong) but have a customized interface. Also, compared to my previous host, they have a lot of built in options to install mods. I do not have to manually download a mod to install, its pretty much listed in the Mods option in the control panel. Same thing for maps.
4. I bought this server to be a public one, so I did not need a 1000FPS expensive one. Rather, Go Networks offered me the option for 1$ a slot for my server. The phrase “You Get what You Pay For” does not apply here for my server has been excellent with constant FPS and low ping. This contrasts to my other experience of 1$/slot servers where the server is very unstable. However, I am bit ticked that I ordered the server right before a 40% off recurring special, and they will not allow me the apply the deal. Missed it out by 2 days. Seriously.
5. Perhaps the only negative feedback I can give is with Go-Networks’ website. Some pictures do not load up when you go to the order page and and sometimes when I log in, the site leads me to a blank page not found.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 33333
    • 33333


May 29th, 2010    

Go-Networks helped me set up my Half Life Specialists server, they did all they could at helping me with server issues, and even gave me instructions on how to modify my server. Go-Networks has skilled Tech’s that guided me through almost everything. They are fast at answering tickets, ive got to give them a 9 out of 10. The server has virtually no Lag and the support is great. I will recommend go-networks to anybody that is serious about creating servers.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444
    • 44444


May 17th, 2010    

Go-Networks has Very good Customer Service, They have the basic Cpanel that pretty much every other server provider has. The Quality of the servers are very good, my server reached a full 32 players and had a average of about 40-50ms.

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444
    • 22222


May 13th, 2010    

I was extremely happy with the customer service. It was very quick and efficient.

After my run-in with epigaming, I was skeptical about having someone host my server.

Thank God for Marcus of Go-Network. Fixed me up the right way. :)

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 44444
    • 44444


May 11th, 2010    

Go Network Servers is one of my top game servers choices.

Don’t look at the name brand of Nuclear Fall out or Hi-Def.

GNS is a newer company, however, their 24/7 live support is very helpful.

Was able to get my server fixed and also the performance on it was soo much better than any of my previous servers from other host.

The pricing right now they have a 50% off “GNS50″ and its great!

Nothing wrong so far.

A+ Go Network Servers. Keep it up!

Order your server from GNS now!

    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555
    • 55555

Stephen "ciph3r" Smith

March 28th, 2010    

Very cheap, very reliable gaming servers. Very friendly, and helpful support. Marcus was of great help, and negotiated very proffesionally. I will remain to do business with Go-networks. And I would recommend to anyone, that if you’re looking for a good deal, for a gameserver to do go to Go-Networks.


March 21st, 2010    

Go-Networks Servers have been very very professional when dealing with me. I’ve been satisfied with my time with them and will for sure be there until i stop gaming.

Go-Networks is a very professional GSP, and very friendly and treats you like a actual person unlike many GSPS.

I’d recommend Go-Networks to anyone.


March 12th, 2010    

great up time no lag best support 100 timer better then other hosting company


February 27th, 2010    

Hey guys, Kyle here with a quick summary of what I though of go-networks severs. I purchased a gmod 250fps 20 slot server.

I’d like to say first if your a first time buyer of a gaming server like myself it can be hard to choose the right place where to host your server. Usually the top google searches just won’t cut it when your looking for a good price/performance on a gaming server. So I’d like to extend a helping hand to all those looking in this small review section looking to see if buying from go-networks is really worth it. Well it is simple as that. Don’t believe me? You can check them out on:
Not one review under 10/10 when I posted this link. Says a lot about a company and how far they are willing to go to give you the best. I myself would like to add my review to the count on the small forums here so if anyone passing by can understand how not just satisfied I was but over whelmed how far their service and servers go. Probable why their called go-networks they do just that.

Customer Service:
First of all I’m not picky when it comes to customer service. I usually try to stay out of the way of people for less hassle. Well customer service came to me regardless if I wanted it or not. So what exactly did they do for me? First I screwed up my order and accidentally bought 2 servers instead of 1! I know i smacked myself for such a simple error. But Marcus reviewed the invoice within the hour and asked me if this was right and he corrected it in a flash. Also Server set up times beat records of anyone I can imagine. Of course everyone’s is going to be different depending if you order on a weekend, weekday, or some national holiday but on a regular business day I had ordered around 9am local time and got everything set up by around noon. 3 hours! These guys don’t waste time. Also I’d like to thank USA Harrison who I think it was who offered to install anything extra on my server and I think he was away from the office so he emailed me on his Iphone which I found to be a real extra step. As soon as I step out of my office I don’t read emails that’s for sure let alone check them on my mobile device. +1 for you Marcus and Harrison! =)

Server quality:
-Low pings
-100% uptime so far besides installing addons and requiring a restart.
-Fast! Even at only 250fps and 100 ticks.

My server use to be private just for several friends and we did a stress test. gmod is one of the most resource intense games out there. Why? Cause you can spawn and build stuff that will lag a server in no time. so how far did we test this server? Me and a friend bombed props and spammed everything possible. After spawning roughly 1100 props….ya it took that many. Of course when I think at first the server must be lagging its mind out right now. I realized my CPU had hit 100% and the servers peaked at 2% and 150mb of ram out of the supposed 12gb. Ya you’ll start lagging your own PC before you get even close to burdening these beasts. As far as Pings go too, I live around 2200km away from the server. Average ping is 45ms. Half of what any other gmod server is because they lag up in no time. The average gmod server is 150ms to 250ms roughly depending on the time of day. Its also the reason why when I made my server public people play on it usually just because its that good. Top players so far after day 3 of going public is 8 players not including me and ram hit 175mb and cpu hit 7% or 8% I believe. I honestly believe there is nothing better out there at the moment. Now this is only a 250fps sever without their ping boost or cpu enhancement. So even the basic server will blow you away. I honestly believed I was paying for a server worth at least twice as much!
Try out my server if you get a chance:

Also I should be writing a full blog post on this at some point or another to drive more attention to this awesome service but for now I look forward to a long term plan with go-networks! =)


February 25th, 2010    

shopping around for servers. Pricing page is cluttered and confusing. Cant seem to get a clear and concise price without submitting order… Moving on.

David Grant

February 23rd, 2010    

Oh my gosh! Simply the nicest and best support you could ever get in forever!
And with ridiculously awesome prices to boot!

You can’t get better than this!

Allen Clouser

February 20th, 2010    

These guys are great!
I still would not have a working server or webpage if it was not for the awesome support from Go-networks.
They helped me configure all my addons, game settings and webpage to exactly what I wanted.

There servers are also very affordable with great power and speed behind them. plus so many options for chnaging server settings quick without server downtime or server lag.

Overall go-networks gets a A+ for quality and customer service / support

Alex Smith

December 17th, 2009    

Hands-down the BEST support I’ve gotten since I’ve tried doing anything in TSRP.

GNS_Chris has helped me so much – The support he’s given me has give us our success at Central TSRP.

I’m so glad I chose go-networks, I’ve only had a few problems, and they were solved in an expidited manner by dMoN (GNS_Chris). Give that man a raise.

Come check it out sometime!

Kyle B

December 10th, 2009    

Hand down, the best customer support. I’ve been with over 20 different providers, spending $80 a month. My server from Go-Networks is easily the best of them all, and I don’t rate servers nicely. My team agrees.

Don’t waste your money somewhere else. This is your home.


November 21st, 2009    

This company has showed great support Great servers great prices. I hope to be with them the rest of my gaming life.


September 27th, 2009    

Go Network Servers provide excellent customer support & services.

I was never dissappointed for making the wrong choices.
Their reps were so professional, nice, kind, and also caring about my financial issues.

They were able to give me a good pricing discount due to my bills and schools fees.

I will promise to stay with them for a while.
Anyways, for registation and pings they were awesome!
server never lost registation and my pings were awesome.

They are using top of the line hardwares listed in their website, their money back made me feel confident, and also the tons of games they supported.

I will make a new review after i expereinced them for a while. but support staff answers ticket in less than 1 hour!
that is amazing than any other GSP!

*PLEASE NOTE* that all these rating are fakes . Go Network Servers should be 10/ 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 for everything since.. it seems like when i was navigating this website .. it seems like every company just rates down on EACH OTHER To battle against each other for the “TOP LISTED PROVIDERS” so please don’t fall for the rating.. but read the COMMENTS that people leave behind.

you will not REGRET IT.!

Shawn - 1st. CS

September 13th, 2009    

Go Networks has supplied my server for almost a month now, I enjoy it very much because I can play without worrying about the lag. My server is always Lag free ! This companies saying “Better, Faster, Stronger. Were Just That Good !”

Is true, This company has been the best of all the other companies I’ve been to, Support is quick and really good. They obviously know what there doing. The prices of the server are very reasonable ! Thank – You Go-Networks Servers for your EXCELLENT service / support and for being on top of things and teaching even a new server operator like myself how to do things in a calm way.

- Shawn

Luke Nichols

July 18th, 2009    

Great servers, cheap prices. What more is there to say? If you came here looking for a good host, you’ve found one.


July 17th, 2009    

I’ve been with Gonetworks for about a month now. They have really great staff. Marquis -Not sure if thats how you spell name i think hes co owner answered all my questions before i rented and he even supplied me a test server I am really glad GNS tells its customers when a network problem occurs Which I really haven’t had a problem with they usually credit you for the time you lose. All in all go-networks.net has really nice prices support team and sales. Thanks again Marquis for telling me bout gns I recommend gns


July 17th, 2009    

best servers i have ever played on. customer support was the best. they even helped me over night in the AM. this is what a game server company s hould be!

John Tao

July 17th, 2009    

Dont know why GSP rating gave them 6 stars on customer service. This company has the best support I ever had. I am lucky i joined them. They are much quicker to help me install mods and maps than any other company such as game servers, art of war central , etc.

I am going to tell all my friends and refer them to Go Networks!
Rock on!

John T.

July 17th, 2009    

Good servers! Affordable Pricing! No Down time, Best Customer Support Ever! You will love them! I guarantee it!

Try them now!

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