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Creeperhost is a short-running company, that has emerged into the market of VPS server hosting in the passed twelve months. Hosting on nothing but the highest quality of machinery, boasting the new Xeon Ivy-Bridge V2 Intel processors.

We provide nothing but high quality with our Minecraft servers, ensuring that users have a reliable and comfortable experience with us. Our custom-built panel offers a smooth configuration of service.

Not only do we supply Minecraft, but our Control Panel also gives the option to install extra software such as MySQL/Mumble/Apache. Also on top of this, we even have installations for Counter Strike Source, Terraria and Team Fortress 2!

Finally we bring nothing but the best support to the community, with dedicated and trained staff to help all users.

Date Founded: 09/12/2011
Coupon Codes: see http://www.creeperhost.net/birthday
Website: http://www.creeperhost.net