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Creeperhost is a short-running company, that has emerged into the market of VPS server hosting in the passed twelve months. Hosting on nothing but the highest quality of machinery, boasting the new Xeon Ivy-Bridge V2...
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Creeperhost is a short-running company, that has emerged into the market of VPS server hosting in the passed twelve months. Hosting on nothing but the highest quality of machinery, boasting the new Xeon Ivy-Bridge V2 Intel processors.

We provide nothing but high quality with our Minecraft servers, ensuring that users have a reliable and comfortable experience with us. Our custom-built panel offers a smooth configuration of service.

Not only do we supply Minecraft, but our Control Panel also gives the option to install extra software such as MySQL/Mumble/Apache. Also on top of this, we even have installations for Counter Strike Source, Terraria and Team Fortress 2!

Finally we bring nothing but the best support to the community, with dedicated and trained staff to help all users.

Date Founded: 09/12/2011
Coupon Codes: see http://www.creeperhost.net/birthday
Website: http://www.creeperhost.net

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December 3rd, 2014    

I started using creeperhost because i saw that they were partnered with AtLaucher. I was originally with Nitrous Networks and moving to creeperhost was the biggest mistake. Ever since i have joined I have had problems with installing modpacks, and when i get through to the support team I wait 30 minutes for a reply. Often the reply’s just tell me to do things that i have already tried, so a member of the support team manages to fix the problem and doesnt tell me how. overall I would not use this service again due to the constant problems that i have with the service.

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August 25th, 2014    

Really nice server. The pricing is fair and the connection is stable and fast. That is much more significant considering that my server is hosted in USA and I’m in Brazil.

I had lag problems with it 2 times and both were because the users of the server were using mod items that were resource intensive, even so, the support helped to fix the problem.

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March 13th, 2014    

–How I got to them–
Just recently switched to Creeper Host after using my previous host ‘Multiplay’ started taking the piss, at first I was skeptical about Creeperhost, this is because of the bad reviews, But I just went ahead and bought it.

— First impressions–
I was amazed, it was better than I had expected, their Control panel is slick, extremely feature packed, not only in minecraft, but TF2, Garrysmod, HL2 Death Match, Starbound, Mumble and Team Speak 3 – and even in some corners they lack some features, not only do you have to think, some companys sell bare minimum Minecraft servers for their prices alone, but their FTP and SSH access makes up for it.

— What you are buying–
Where I think most people make mistakes with CreeperHost is they don’t realize what they are fully buying because they are so cheap for such high quality products they do if anything lack in support, this is because you are not buying a ‘pre-kid proofed’ minecraft server you are buying a VPS, that is capable of more than a simple minecraft server, not only that they ARE partnered with FTB meaning you get all the FTB packs on their one click install screen before most providers (Multiplay use to take quite a while).

— Control panel–
They also offer a API system for their control panel, and one thing I missed about home hosting was when hosting at home you have so much control on the server, but that has been restored, they have programs that you can run on your computer that simulate the minecraft server with CPU and Ram management stat bars, live updating console, and working interactive console… not only that but an App is under development by a third party once again using the API keys, so that’s pretty unique, they also have automatic backups on their ‘Creeper-Vault’ and on your VPS, and they have creeper adaptive ram setups so it optimizes the ram usage of the server.
They also offer custom IP’s that look like this ‘Yourservername.playat.ch’ which is amazing for me and my friends when we are switching games we don’t need to always remember the IP…
They have sub accounts and all the normal features, but most of all – this all looks so sexy, they CP is just amazingly designed even their support ticket design is amazing, I recommend them above any other host.

— The verdict–
I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who has decent knowledge about servers and minecraft and HOW TO USE GOOGLE! as their support unless you pay extra can’t help alot – But that’s only if you screw things up! There sizable for growing community’s and even amazing for like me, groups of friends that like playing together in our own environment. Anyways, I hope you buy and are as impressed and happy as I am with them extremely good services.

— How much I mean it —
Nothing has ever made me impressed enough to EVER write a review, this would be the first, so seriously I do mean this review.

Have a nice day.

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February 10th, 2014    

I switched from MPSERV to CreeperHost because of their dedicated CPU’s.

I am from the USA and selected a server in the USA.

First off after placing my order they say that most orders take 45 minutes to 2 hours to setup and in the most rare of cases 48 hours. I had nothing special about my order; I place it, paid it and that’s it. No special requests or anything like that. Took the full 48 hours to setup and 3 customer support tickets later asking about availability of the servers and if there was an error or something. No error, no shortage, they just took their time (it was during the week also).

After I got the server the first thing I noticed right off the bat is that their website is AMAZINGLY slow. They must only host the site in the UK, no US server so the site had a good 2k latency. Not ONLY their site but their CONTROL PANEL also. You guys know how much you use the control panel… This one thing also gave me a sick feeling in my stomach.

Restarting, stopping, and starting the server was a pain; you had to deal with that latency and it was just a pain in the ass.

If you are a USA customer, go with another host. If you DONT, you will wish you did!

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August 22nd, 2013    

Hi thought id give some info about these guys.

Been using creeperhost for a few months now, previously was managing servers on beastnode.
Decided that i would go for a creeperhost 2gb package, considering they are reasonably cheap as well as giving more control that i need eg ssh and root access.
Being a linux newbie i was only tinkering around with ssh mostly relying on the creeperpanel to manage the server, which has some nice features such as automatic full server backups as well as options to auto restart you server incase of a crash.
They have alot more things you can automatically install onto the vps if you want as well ie. teamspeak, mumble also even other game servers, all done with simple 1 click installs its quite nice, i was surprised with that i didnt have to manually install just click and done.
Of course this doesnt mean you cant install it yourself manually if you wanted to.

Only really had about 30mins of DT in the last 2 months, which was due to a ddos on the lax server farm.

Recently I ended up borking my vps broke my ssh and ftp access, got hold of creeperhost, they backed up my files and did a full vps reinstall, was sorted out pretty quickly and im back and running a server.

Im very happy with the service ive gotten from creeperhost so far and will be recommending them to others for cheap costs for pretty good servers also the customer service is great.

Hope you take a look at their services you wont be disappointed.

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June 1st, 2013    

I tried this company the other night after my previous host closed their servers. On the face of it creeperhost looked good, they were based in the UK and said they had the latest equipment.

I was a little concerned at first that some of their website didn’t work when using browsers on a Mac platform but stayed with it. I put in a support ticket to see if they could help me setup my own domain name with my account and they came back with a positive reply and I decided to go for it and opened an account.

The welcome email was sparse to say the least, on getting access to the control area I looked for instructions on initial setup and soon realised there was almost nothing in the way of help, only a couple of articles in the knowledgebase and I had to resort to submitting a ticket.

I’m pretty new to Minecraft servers and needed the very basic help with just getting started with the service but unfortunately I soon found out that (what appears to be the company’s only employee) was abrupt and highly condescending.

The following is from that one and only employee…

“I will express once more, you are on the basic support package; when purchasing a server it thoroughly explains which support package best suites you. It seems here that you have zero Minecraft server knowledge and therefore you would have been recommended the advanced support package to which you did not take. Upon neglecting the support packages that informs me you have basic Minecraft server knowledge, which is not true.”

He then said I needed to pay the same amount again as the hosting cost in order to help me (baring in mind they have no help documents or knowledgebase files) and I realised I had made a mistake.

Even though I never got to use the server I didn’t get a refund and finally decided it was a lesson well learnt. Hopefully others can also benefit from my trust in this company.

I immediately found another hosting company who were only too happy to speak with me like an adult and I was up-and-running with a new server in under 45 mins.

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December 27th, 2012    

I’ve not used many Minecraft Hosts, and CreeperHost seemed pretty straightforward. Though the user interface was quite laggy at times, for the most part the server was stable and I got what I paid for.

The issue came this holiday season when my account went a few days past due. Specifically it came due on December 21st. I was away on holiday and forgot to pay it, and when I came back today to pay it (December 27th) only a week after it was past due, I found out that CreeperHost had deleted ALL OF MY WORLD FILES. They didn’t even bother to back them up, they just deleted them completely.

When I asked them how they could do such a thing to a customer with a premiere account paying $150 a month for the server, they were completely rude to me, issuing numerous insults and basically telling me it’s not their fault and I’m a moron for not reading the contract. Even if all of that was true, it was one of the worst examples of customer service I’ve ever experienced. And now I have 10+ friends who are crushed that the World they worked for months to create is gone because CreeperHost apparently cares nothing about their customers.

I won’t be using them again and strongly suggest you choose a different host.

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September 25th, 2012    

I switched to CreeperHost from RedstoneHost, due to the fact that my server was lagging, with 20 plugins, 5 players, and a 2000 world.(I had the diamond tier with 2GB RAM) Even though RH was cheaper, their servers had no power behind them what so ever. As soon as i switched to CH, I noticed a huge difference. I do not like my TPS to drop below 19, because i always offer a lag-free environment for the players on my server. I am currently on the 4GB plan, and am running 35 Plugins, 3000 world, and a player cap of 60. I have never had many players on my server (max of 15) so I don’t know how it will handle lots of players.

Control Panel
The Control Panel is amazing, better than McMyAdmin by far, except there is no mobile support yet. When you first log into it, you see your server’s specs (How much RAM you are using, Processor percentage, disk usage, etc) You can navigate to the console, install custom software in one click, back-up manager, change plugin configs, add/remove plugins, and so much more.

Support is SUPER fast, normally about 15-20 minutes when you first send in a ticket. When you reply to one, they normally reply in 1-7 minutes. They are always very helpful, but if you go out of your support package, they will charge 6 Pounds (Don’t have the symbol on my keyboard) per half hour (It might by hour but i’m not 100% sure) Paul is my favorite on the team, he is always the most helpful. Sometimes, he even helps me with stuff not in my support package like helping write some PHP code. (It’s really simple, but i don’t know PHP)

RAM: Remember, these are VPS, which mean you have to run the OS, and other programs you are running on it, along with the Minecraft server. They all take up some ram, so you are not buying a 4GB Minecraft server if you get the Skeleton Tier.
CPU: Depending on what tier you get, you get a certain number of cores. Each core is 1.5 Ghz, which is plenty to run a server.
HDD: You will never run out, unless you have a huge world and a high-res map of it using DynMap.
Up Time: My server has never gone down because of CreeperHost. Only time it did was when my IP stopped working when GoDaddy got hacked.

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September 12th, 2012    

A testimonial to Creeper Host:

I must say that creeper host provide most excellent services, redstone host have terrible up times and their support barely speaks english, Multiplay offer innovative solutions to things but their support takes up to a week to reply and their priced on Minecraft servers are at an all time high compared to their other servers and other companies.

This is the point in which I found Creeper Host, it had a trial package so I could try it out before I bought it unlike so many other providers, and it was very good, accurate & stable; the control panel is straight to the point but also flexible enough to allow you to do whatever it is you want to do and as their service offers yo ua full VPS you can host other games on it too, do anything you like! Even host websites run a mumble server and even use MySQL – which all also links fully into their custom made control panel.

Their packages offer much greater value for money and are far more reasonable, the control panel is very responsive and the staff so active that they have answered all of my support tickets within 15-20 minutes which I must say is astounding as they do it every single day no matter what the times is.

I just can’t pin point a flaw because if you want to use RAM Disks or anything backups its all there in their control panel just one click away and it is all yours, so get your Creeper Host service today! Stop missing out on top value deals and begin to save so you can play for much longer with your player base and have a much better play experience knowing that you are in safe hands with Creeper Host!

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