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Published on:December 15, 2011       flag

The powerful return of the legendary Aim2Game has come as a surprise to many of us that follow the game server business industry. Aim2Game was a top contender back in the day. In fact if I recall correctly, the first game server I ever played Counter-Strike in was an Aim2Game powered server. I can still picture their website with that god awful ugly flash banner they had, but still their service was impecable at the time.

If you were a lucky owner of an Aim2Game server then everyone who knew you treated you like a g0d! Back in the 2004 – 2006 era of gaming, kids weren’t complaining about 1000 FPS or if your server was on this bandwidth network or that etc… it was more about the gaming itself. Aim2Game came around and P4WND faces with their smooth running servers which was getting upwards of 100 FPS in game. That was unheard of, 66 FPS was the max anyones ever seen! “Now there’s 100 FPS out there, oh no I need to get me an AIM2GAME.”

Not only was their servers baby booty smooth but their customer service was top-notch to boot. If you were a customer of Aim2Game in the past, you may recognize the name Sam Wise. He was a very hands on owner, I had plenty of conversations with him over latency and server specifications.

Well enough memory lane, the good news is Aim2Game is being reformed and coming back even stronger! If your nostalgic like me then you’ll want to get your hands on another Aim2Game server as soon as they open their doors for business.

Experience Aim2Game 3 days before the official launch, discounts and much more. Register at http://www.aim2game.com